Lina Caspar The Cat
Lina the Cat Chibi
December 3rd
Board games, spending time with friends, Chao, Ice cream, and the music from the ice cream truck.
People in danger, or doing anything dangerous, worrying too much.
Favorite Food
Bananas, especially Banana Split Ice Cream.

Lina is a girl living in Emerald Town with her twin brother, Mike. The two of them are old friends of Gizmo The Cat, who used to live near them in their middle school days. Like Gizmo, she loves Chao and always wanted to raise one herself.
Back when they were children, Gizmo used to go to the same school as them. Gizmo was her first friend, and they did everything together as a trio of playmates. When Gizmo moved away, she was very upset and stayed depressed for a little while. Despite that, she tries to keep in touch as much as possible, and would jump at the chance to visit.

She secretly has a crush on Gizmo.

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Lina Sprite
Lina is a yellow cat with short, fluffy hair and purple eyes. She has a long, thin tail with a white tip. She has a noticeable cowlick at the top of her head. Her outfits may vary, but she's most often seen wearing a skyblue outfit; Either a sleeveless or short sleeved T-shirt and shorts that are white near the bottom. She wears orange shoes with two straps going across them, white socks and gloves, and green bracelets.


Lina is a kind, thoughtful girl who cares for everyone around her. Though she's very worrisome and often pessimistic. She's a pretty sensitive person, and is easily discouraged. Her self-esteem is rather low, yet she's still a competent person.

Having grown up around her sports-loving brother, she has taken a liking to outdoor activities.

Strengths and Powers

Lina doesn't really have any powers or abilities, but she's a bit athletic. She can run pretty quickly for a long period of time, and can jump at least 15 feet high. She has a strong sense of hearing and smell.

General Info

Lina lives with her parents and brother in Emerald Town. After Gizmo left, the trio was broken, and they went their separate ways in life. Lina greatly misses him, and longed to go down to Greenflower City to visit. Her latest visit, however, thrust them all into an adventure she'd never imagined.


Lina The Cat 2

Unlike Mike, Lina had a bit more purpose in her existence other than just being there for Gizmo's backstory. Though she had the same problems as Mike when it came to making appearances. She appeared in one (now non-canon) episode in the series. Like Mike, her profile implied how attached she was to Gizmo, not wanting to be apart from him. Though this is much more believable, considering her feelings for him.

Her main purpose other than to serve as a key role to Gizmo's backstory, Lina was supposed to be a love interest for Gizmo. (un?)fortunately, things didn't quite work out the way they were planned, and the relationship was called off before it had the chance to develop. However, Lina's feelings remained the same. It would be saddening to see her reaction when she finds out that Gizmo has already been taken by someone else, now.


Shows where the characters have made an appearance.


Moonlight Visitor: Lina and her brother, Mike, come to visit Gizmo and his friends for a big barbecue at Smash's house. a few days before the Blitz Pit World Tournament. That night, while a mysterious figure leads Smash and Mike into the forest, Lina has a nightmare that a heavenly creature lured Mike towards it, and killed him. She wakes up and panics when she finds that her brother is missing...

Relationships with Other Characters

Talk about what friends and/or family they have.


Micheal The Cat

Mike is her twin brother, and one of the few "friends" she actually had. Given his somewhat reckless behaviour, she's often worrying and fretting over him. It's only because she cares. She's deathly scared of losing him.


Gizmo The Cat

Gizmo was her first and only friend during their childhood days. She, Mike and Gizmo would always meet to play together after school or during recess. She secretly has a crush on him, and only really realized her feelings after he moved away from their home town.

Diana The Rabbit

At first she was very weary of her, but she soon learned that Diana was a good person at heart. She's befriended her, and regrets ever doubting her. They actually have a lot more in common than they think.

Fun Facts

  • One of the main reasons Lina was created was to make a love interest for Gizmo. But he ended up with another girl, yet she's still managed to stick around.
  • Lina, though being an age old character, only made one or two appearances in the series before her revamp. Both of them were non-canon, though one was remade.
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