Limit Break is a supplemental transformation technique created by Statyx the Hedgehog, designed to counter higher-level transformations.


The Limit Break transformation is different from others in that it largely does not require an external source of power. Rather, it is more similar to Finisher Charge in that it requires energy to be built up inside the user either through combat or by charging up the energy. After building up the required energy, the user releases not externally, but throughout their own body.


When the energy is released through the user's body, the blood flow through the person's body is greatly increased. This causes the user's fur to become a darker shade of its color. Skin will likewise darken/redden from the increased flow of blood. The most noticeable changes however, are that eyes and body markings change color to a combination of the original color and red (i.e. yellow markings become orange, blue eyes become purple, etc). Florescent and technological items on the user's body will also glow bright white from the increase in energy. If the user is already in a super form, the physical traits of this transformation pass over to said super form. Non-elemental energy attacks also take on a red/red-orange hue. While normally invisible, a red spherical energy shield will surround the user when the energy is being burned at a higher rate or the user is powering up. If the user focuses or uses more energy, the altered features will become darker and more pronounced.


The Limit Break transformation greatly increases the user's physical capabilities including strength, speed, reflexes, defense, endurance, and even the five senses. The power boost varies depending on the power built up prior to transformation, more often than not the power of the Limit Break transformation is sufficient enough to combat basic-level super transformations. If used in a super transformation, the Limit Break transformation increases the super form's power by an equal degree. The most significant use of this transformation is the manipulation of the built-up energy. Users of the transformation are capable of fluctuating the energy used in the transformation for strength or duration: the amount of energy used (and thus the effect of the transformation) can be reduced to allow the transformation to last longer, or the energy can be used up at a faster rate so as to increase the effects. While this is in concept no different from combat in general, the Limit Break transformation allows for a much higher degree of control, allowing the user to "spike" attacks for a mere moment before dropping the power back to normal. While ill-advised, the transformation is capable of having the same effect of energy-based or long-range techniques. Finally, a normally invisible red sphere shield (not unlike those from Sonic games) will surround the user, pushing away dust, debris, and weak attacks. The sphere becomes more visible as the user heightens the focus of energy.


The Limit Break's weaknesses are most noticeable in the time before and after the technique's duration. Before using the technique the user must build up energy, and this can take valuable time and effort in the midst of combat. When the extra energy has been burned off, the transformation is revealed to act similar to a sugar rush, and when the transformation is dropped the user "crashes", feeling weary and fatigued as their body adjusts to the new lack of energy coursing through the body. This after-effect is greatly affected by the use of the technique, with a higher rate of energy use causes the effects to be more severe, while minimizing the energy use likewise minimizes the after-effect. The third and biggest weakness is that while this technique is in use, long-range/energy-based attacks are greatly ill-advised; additional energy from the Limit Break transformation will be used up in the attack, which can significantly decrease the duration of the transformation.

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