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Lime the Celestial Hedgecat is a 93 year old (physically 18) hedgecat. She was adopted by TeamSonicPrez but was created by Flashfire212.

Lime the Celestial Hedgecat

Biographical Information
Age93 (physical appearance - 18)
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Lime green, w/ peach skin
  • Hair: Turquoise
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Six mechanical legs worn over her back to counteract her paralysis.
  • Gold baseball cap, worn backwards
  • Red singlet top
  • Dark blue tracksuit pants
  • Blue canvas 'boots'
  • Belt
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Possesses the genetic ability Intimidate
  • Skilled omnikinetic
  • Potential agelessness
Other Information
American V.A.Jennifer Love Hewwit
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


The first thing that strikes most people about Lime is obvious - she's a paraplegic, paralyzed from her hips down. Her name also makes part of her appearance obvious - she has lime green fur. Unable to stand without assistance, Lime is relatively short, with turquoise hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, plus startling blue eyes that reveal a lot about the seeming 18-year-old's experiences.


As one of the youngest Celestials known, and one believed to have been left paralyzed after a run-in with one of the surviving Demons more than fifty years ago, Lime dresses simply, with a red singlet-top & blue tracksuit pants, plus a pair of blue canvas 'boots' and a gold baseball cap she wears backwards to keep her long hair out of her face. However, the most startling feature about her is the six mechanical legs strapped to her back, which allow her to move. These legs are unusual in design - two short legs span directly to her side, which she uses to hold her upright when the two longer sets, one in front and one behind, extend to allow her to move. These legs are connected to a backpack-like device on her back, which seems to be a Technomage innovation. These legs, which lack any paint and hold a gunmetal gray tone, seem to make Lime a rather startling figure when she stands up properly.


Lime was born on a summer night when all the planets were in a straight line, making her a Celestial. Lime's father was Damien the Hedgehog and her mother was Sera the Cat.

Lime was always close to her parents but only made one friend, Ami the Celestial Fox, her whole life because she never quite fit in with anyone else. Lime liked to distance herself from others other than Alice, but nonetheless remained kind.

When Celestial was 15 she met her future husband, Raymond the Rat, and instantly despised him because they had first met when Ray was picking on Alice. She found him exceedingly annoying because after that he followed her everywhere due to his extreme crush on her.

When Lime turned 18 she stopped aging. She married Ray and they had a daughter, Keira the Celestial Hedgecatrat.


Lime, thanks in part to her Celestial powers and to her cybernetic legs, but also due to her genetics, possesses the genetic ability Intimidate. With it, any opponent who challenges what they view to be a weak cripple is suddenly faced with a girl taller than they are, with obvious signs of power in her body, plus something about her gaze which seems to make her opponent lose their nerve, causing their physical strikes to grow weaker.

As a pure-bred Celestial, one of the two near-extinct races of hyper-powerful Mobians, Lime has quite a few little skills including super strength, flight & heightened durability and stamina. At one stage in her life, she possessed super speed, however thanks to her paraplegia, she no longer has any form of speed enhancement. These abilities, as Celestial standards, along with omnikinesis, were believed to be able to bring her to an equal playing field to a Demon, but as it is unknown which one of the free Demons did this, it is hard to gauge Lime's abilities in the speed area, while her other abilities aren't as powerful as they once were, thanks to her loss of confidence.

As mentioned above, Lime is also an experienced Omnikinetic. However, while her physical combat abilities are now lacking, her abilities with support and ranged/special attacks hasn't suffered.

Unfortunately, Lime's weaknesses are glaringly obvious. Fire, Earth, Electricity, Water, Ice, almost all elements can short out or damage her mechanical legs, leaving her immobile and a stationary target easy to eliminate. Even when using her Celestial power to fly, she is still vulnerable, thanks to the distraction of flight. Aside for that, aside for her strong suite of Poison attacks, she is still lacking in most other element skills. On top of all that, Chaos Energy-based attacks seem to have a reaction with her prior wounds, causing her even more pain than usual, although she can still fight with such power without complaint.

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