Lima the Seedrian


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Lima the Seedrian is a normal Seedrian that just decided one day to show herself and her sister Rainba in a normal spaceship they have

Lima the Seedrian

Lima the Seedrian.jpg
a normal Seedrian girl and the older twin to Rainba
Biographical Information
Age 13
Relatives Vacine, Mortask, Rainba
Alias none yet
Romantic Interests none yet
Physical Description
Species Seedrian
Gender Female
Attire Purple outfit to match her pedals
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Good
Weaponry her hands and her father's blade she inherited
Abilities element of chaos
Super Forms none
Other Information
American V.A. none
Japanese V.A. none
Theme Song(s) none yet
Appearances none yet
Original Creator EAJ


Age: 13

Hight: 5ft 9


She was found by Darkness and taken to Starose where she now resides with her fully revived mother Vacine the Seedrian, her father Mortask the Galvortano, and most of all her very beloved twin sister Rainba the Seedrian.

To start off her life in Starose was just her getting used to living there and soon after settling in Darkness came around and offered them the chance to see their mother once more and they had had a happy and tearful reunion. And even later Darkness was able to make the hologram Vacine was into a true blue (not literaly) living seedrian which she enjoyed so much.

One night she and Rainba left out of Starose for some adventure and they were both badly hurt but they tried concelling it but Darkness was a vampire and could smell their wounds so he healed them and he also taught the twins Blood Art due because he made them possible canidates of it by his healing methods.

That same day they lost their father while he was evil searching for them to genocide breed Galvortano's but Darkness and the royal family of Starose stopped him before he could continue on with his evil terror.

About a week later he invited them to join him and his group in a vampire tradition called "Ventriko" or also normaly called "Vampire Games" and with thier help Darkness and his clan gained 1st place and they got an unrestrained wish in which they used to revive their father Mortask without his evil spirit in him.


  • Super Strength from infusing demon blood into hers she has demon strength but its under full controll
  • Blood Art-An art which uses only a sample of blood to use as a weapon
  • An elemental Sword she got from Darkness but was her fathers.


Lima is a female Seedrian with purple skin, purple hair which is styled long and has some bangs on the front, blue pedals on her head, and light green eyes. Her clothes is a dark purple outfit, she has no blissed amulet, purple pants and purple shoes. Sometimes she likes to wear different clothes to play dress up with her twin sister Rainba to which is very fun for them..

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