Lily the Tiger is a young girl, from The City Of Olara. She lives with her older sister. Lily is the best friend of Lu-Lu the Ocelot. Lily is the headstrong, voice of reason within Lu-Lu's Lovely's. She is an excellent skater as well.


Lily the Tiger

Current Years and Days
Name Lily the Tiger
Kana N/A
Weapons Claws
Profession(s), Occupation(s) N/A
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 17
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Orange/Black/Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Green
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: Feb. 15th
Attire [Clothing] Black Tank Top, Armbands, Jean Shorts, Boots, Beanie
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s) (Pending)
  • Rollerblading
  • Feral Mode
  • Oscar Tiger~ Father
  • Roana Tiger~ Mother
  • Olivia Tiger~ Sister
Likes Winning, fun, Magazines, Rollerblading, Techno, Hats
Dislikes Losing, Seeing Lu-Lu hurt, Lu-Lu (At Times)
  • The City of Olara
Current Residence
  • The City of Olara
Alternative Names
  • N/A
Super Form(s)

Feral Mode

English Voice Actor
  • (Pending)
Theme Song(s) thumb|200px|right

Lily was born to Oscar and Roana the Tiger, the two are very rich factory workers, and executives in Ocelot Industries. She is the younger of another sister named Olivia. The two live in their own home now, with their family living on the countryside, sending the money to support them financially. Lily, like Lu-Lu goes to Prepington, though she doesn't liek it much. Lily took up blading, when she was younger. Lily has high hopes of facing KarnE Rogers in the Blades Tournament, and is helping to guide her team to make them better.


Lily is a smart girl. She is headstrong, and optimistic. She is usually the voice of reason of the group. She has a come demeanor, and is really the only likable member of Lu-Lu's Lovely's. Lily is a fierce competitor, but respects other racers as well. She, unlike Lu-Lu knows when it is best to keep quiet. She often has to get Lu-Lu out of situations, much to her annoyance however. She is best friends with Lu-Lu, but can be annoyed by her.

Blossomed Lily

This is Lily's Blade Gear. These are very fast blades, and allow for great moving, and jumping. However they work best when Lily is in her Feral Mode. This is when she races on all fours, as her blades thrust forward, allowing to combine speed with puncing, allowing for great jumping distances.


Lu-Lu the Ocelot

Lu-Lu is Lily's best friend. Like most teenages, the two may often have fights, but make up shortly after, Lu-Lu often relies on Lily for back-up. Lily is always quick to coem to her friend's defense. Lily can be annoyed by Lu-Lu however.

Candice the Mouse

Lily somewhat dislikes Candice. While she appreaciates her knowledge in mechanics, she finds her rude attitude to be too much. Lily and Candice only rarely interact.

Richie the Mouse

Ruddy the Mouse

Olivia the Tiger

KarnE Rogers

Fire the Hedgehog

Kasaz the Bat

Paris the Wolf

Hope the Mongoose

Kidd the Mutt


  • Lily's name is inspired both by the flower: Tigerlily, and by her theme song: Tigerlily by La Roux.
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