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Lily the Bat is an anthropomorphic character created by Luckysix inspired by characters and concepts from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.


Lily is a 3-foot tall bat, she has black fur, a brown muzzle, and arms. She has big ears, fangs, and big emerald green eyes. She wears a blue skirt that with a hole in the back so her wings can be free. She wears black shorts as well so she can hang upside down without a worry. She also wears blue sneakers with black bottoms.


Lily wants to grow up to be an adventurer. Her room’s walls are covered in maps. She enjoys reading adventure novels, history books and watching adventure movies. If she met a real adventurer, she would listen to their tales for hours on end. Wanting to learn all she can about adventure.

She is also very active, she often likes to race people, even if she isn’t as fast as them. She will then try using her wings and quick thinking to find a route short enough to best a faster racer.

Though Lily works hard at school and gets good grades She can’t stand math. She relays on her brother in order to pass. She also isn’t much of a fan of her grammar class. Not that her grammar is bad it’s just she hates the strict requirements of the class when even the school’s history books don’t follow grammar as closely.


Lily and her big brother Ash have lived in the station square suburbs for as long as she can remember. Since she was little she has been inspired to adventure by many heroes, from the knights of the Great Kingdom, the samurai, and ninja of Chun-nan, even modern heroes like the Blue Blur himself. Due to that, she has spent hundreds of hours learning about Adventurers.

One day Lily and her brother would meet the adventurer Chase the Wolf. She would have a great time listening to his great bouts with his arch nemesis Melvin eventually, Chase would learn that Melvin had escaped jail, and he would set out to stop him once again. Though sad to see him go she had understood enough that heroes have to make sacrifices even to something like free time.

Chase would come back to visit sometimes usually during holidays with new stories to tell. This would further push Lily to become an adventurer one day and join Chase on his adventure.


As a Bat, Lily has the many abilities one would think she would have. She has wings that allow her to fly. She has great hearing, sonar in fact. She also has great vision though her eyes have a harder time adjusting to daylight.


Cooking: Though not a pro she can cook for herself.

Rope Tying: She knows a number of knot tricks.

Location Knowledge: She knows a lot about locations across the world even though she hasn’t seen much of it.... yet.


Unlike other 8-year-olds in the universe, Lily is not ready to save the world. She has no super powers, and though she wants to be an adventurer she hasn’t gotten combat training yet so she can‘t handle an actual fight yet.

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