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"I won't let you go without me, Ferrarose! We're all a team and we need to stay that way!" As Lilly said when she was injured

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A baby pink hyrankala seedriafox that her muzzle is furry but smooth looking. She has blue long leafs, blue furry hands and feet, also the 2nd half of her two tails are blue. She has light crystal blue eyes. She looks like she has the same hairstyle as Amy Rose but it's different if you look at the back of her hair, she wears a pink and purple dress that she wears shorts under it but she rather wanna keep it a secret, since she thinks seedrians don't wear shorts. She also has a yellow dimond/crystal shape amulet that is stuck on her chest, literally! And last but not least, she wears seedrian shoes that are pink.


She is nice and good seedriafox that was naturally born a fox. She's pretty much the only seedriafox that FleenCloud Town has ever had (And no link for it, sorry!), since they never got seedrians around there at all. She was a lonely girl until she met a little rabbit girl, Ferrarose Blue. Ferrarose is ACTUALLY her sidekick and best friend, even though Ferrarose is five years old while Lilly's nine years old. She loves nature since she was born in Brightness Forest for ever since she was a few hours old, she also loves the seasons Spring and Summer. She REALLY hates cold weather, since her leafs need to be warm in order for her not to get hurt AND the leafs breaking from the cold.


She was born as a princess in a place called PetalPiece (No link, sorry again!), but after a few hours when she was born, her home got attacked then she got to Brightness Forest by her mother. Ever since then, Lilly had to look for food by herself, make herself a house, make herself stuff, and everything else for herself. After her 7th birthday (May 15th), her leafs grow behind her ears. On the day she met Ferrarose, she had to SAVE her before directly befriending her. And that was the first day she met Elise the ice cat, which Elise is a bad guy.

She met alot of people since then, like Roselya (Ferrarose's mom), Blissabell the Blissie, Princess Setria Hopelight, etc. She got onto adventures with Ferrarose, and sometimes with Blissabell as Team Harmony Healers. She faced through alot of bad guys, though some enemies she almost died from battling at. If Ferrarose didn't exsist, Lilly would never become a hero nor go outside of her home. And in her team, Lilly's the speed and the leader of it cause she's the fastest on her team while Ferrarose is the flight and Blissabell is the Power of the team. Lilly also had some "accidents" with some of her friends, which wasn't bad accidents. She also had some events that happened to her that she never forgot like her being a boy somehow, her body being switched with her best friend's body, etc.


She has these powers when she was born.:




And psychic.

Special Abilities


She can use Bright Control (it's like chaos control but it's a little different), Bright Storm, Bright Change (to change clothes in a few secs without going to her room), petal flow tornado which needs Team Harmony Healers to do it, and life blast.


She's very weak against ice, due to her being part of nature since she was born and pretty much part nature as well as her leafs, if she gets half frozen then she has sixty-five percent chance of dying from it and ice is pretty much her only weakness.

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