Lilly is the fourth episode of Sonic: The Chaos Chronicles and the debut episode of Lilly the Fox.

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Lilly (debut)


Sonic: Last time!

Eggman captured Team Sonic while they were sleeping. Cream was there to stop him but little did they know, he didn't need the Chaos Emeralds anymore. He found a new power source: The Master Emerald! Can they protect it from Eggman? Find out now on Sonic: The Chaos Chronicles!

Chapter 1: Tails Meets Lilly

>In Station Square<

Amy: Finding the Chaos Emeralds is harder than I though.

Tails: Look! There's one over there!

>They run towards it and Amy bumps into someone<

Amy: Oh! I'm so sorry lady!

Lilly: It's ok. I'm Lilly the Fox.

Amy: I'm Amy Rose.

Tails: >Stutters< A-and I'm M-Miles Prower.

Amy: He's Tails.

Lilly: >Giggles< Nice to meet you Amy and Tails.

Tails: L-let us show you the rest of t-the crew Lilly.

Lilly: Oh really? The're not with you?

Amy: Nope. Our friends Sonic, Knuckles, and Cream are on Angel Island.

Lilly: Angel Island?

Chapter 2: Emerald Hunt

Sonic: One job! You had one job Knuckles!

Knuckles: Hey! He had an army! I was outnumbered! It's not my fault!

Cream: I can't believe that mean Dr. Eggman would steal from Mr. Knuckles.

Sonic: It's not the first time Knuckles is a dimwit and gets the Master Emerald stolen.

Knuckles: Shut up! Let's go find Amy and Tails.

>At Tails' Workshop<

Sonic: Yo Tails!

Tails: Oh. Hey Sonic! He steal the Master Emerald again?

Sonic: Yeah...

Lilly: Are these your friends?

Amy: Yep.

Sonic: Sup! Sonic's the name!

Cream: You can call me Cream the Rabbit.

Cheese: Chao! Chao!

Knuckles: I'm called Knuckles.

Lilly: Hi guys. I'm Lilly.

>Sonic runs out with Tails and Knuckles<

Amy: Looks like it's just us girls.

>At RobotnicTopia<

Tails: Where do we go?

Sonic: Central Command!

>They blast through all of Eggman's robots<

Chapter 3: A Story For Another Day

Dr. Eggman: Knuckles. You want your Emerald back? Take it! I've got all the Chaos Energy I needed from it anyway!

Sonic: No!

>Eggman loads it into the Central Tower<

Dr. Eggman: Mwhahahahahha!

>The army gets back up<

Knuckles: >Grabs the Master Emerald< We need to get out of here fast!

>They run back to Station Square<

Lilly: Did you get the Master Emerald?

Knuckles: I did. Now i'm going home. >Walks back to Angel Island<

Cream: Did Mr. Eggman get Metal Sonic's power source?

Tails: No. He used some of the Chaos Energy to power the Central Tower. But none of them connected to Metal. He's far from bringing him back.

Sonic: Good! Now we can relax! The less Metal the better!

Lilly: I like a tech-wiz.

Tails: Oh! Umm. T-thank you for t-thinking that.


Sonic, Knuckles, and Cream found out Eggman stole the Master Emerald while Amy, Tails, and their new friend and teammate Lilly found another Chaos Emerald. Tails is acting a bit weird around Lilly. Eggman has stolen some energy from the Master Emerald and used it to power his main computer! Will the heroes stop him before Metal comes back? Find out next time on Sonic: The Chaos Chronicles!

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