Lilith the Demon is the sister of Renée the Hedgehog.


Lilith is energetic and mostly wild. She's always trying to get her sister's Inner self out so she can fight her. But when her sister is hurt, she can become serious and ready to get the fight over.


Lilith is a red furred/haired hedgehog with her hair tied up in two bunches. She has light blue eyes and if she were to take the bunches out, she would bear a striking resembliance to her sister, apart from that hers is shorter and flame red.


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Past Life

Lilith spent her childhood with her parents and 3 sisters, Renée, Ruth and Lucy Shuzen. Her and Renée were always play fighting, but she always lost. She didn't get along well with Lucy, since they got into fights and fell out alot. The 4 were seperated after their mother had died, leaving their mansion behind.

Reunion with Renée

107 years passed, Lilith grew up and stayed immortal to the age of 16. She found out about her favourite sister, Renée, who was with Kuru and Yukari. She didn't believe it was her sister at first, until Renée's rosary was taken off, revealing her Inner self, who was the sister Lilith had gotten so close to. After the battle, Lilith hugged her sister, happy to see her again.

Friends & Enemies


Renée the Hedgehog - 'Favourite' sister and idol. (Yuki-Vampire)

Lucy the Demon - Rival and least favourite sister. (Vampire)

Ruth the Hedgehog - Sister, rarely played around with her. (Vampire)

Issa the Hedgehog - Father. (Vampire)

Yuki the Hedgehog - Mother. (Yuki-Onna)


Mark the Fox

Dawn the Fox

Mason the Hedgefox - Used to have a crush on him, now only thinks of him as a friend.

Gray the Hedgehog - Crush.

Damon the Wolf - Crush and Current Boyfriend.



Kuru the Succucat - Doesn't like that she keeps bugging her sister.

Yukari the Magician - Doesn't like her because she's younger and annoying.

Abel the Hedgehog.


Mephiles the Dark

Pyro the Fox

Durza the Dark.

Relationship with Other Characters

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Shuzen Sisters

Lilith has a close relationship with her sisters, but is more closer to Renée than the others.


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She is based off Kokoa Shuzen from Rosario + Vampire.

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