Cquote1 "The real power of the world isn't love; it's money. Does love pay your bills, or buy you things? Hell no! What i'm doing makes me more powerful, and I don't want or need your affection...However, using a little love to make money is different, not to mention very easy for me. Cquote2

Lilith the Bat is a mobian bat that currently lives in Central City. She is a seductive hacker and thief, and is the oldest character owned by Nikki Kaji. She works at the Casino in Central City as a waitress.




Lilith is a 22 year old, female Egyptian fruit bat. Her fur is baby blue, and all of her lower body skin is tan. She stands at 3 feet 7 inches, and weighs 72 Ib; which is average for her age group. Her long, flowy hair reaches about the bottom of her waist, while her bangs reach her shoulders. Lilith's eyes are blood red, which are very noticeable even in a dark room, and is very distinct from her lighter colored hair. She also has a black birthmark on the left side of her cheek, somewhat shaped like an upside down exclamation point. Finally, Lilith's bat wings measured from one side to the other equals up to about 3 1/2 feet long, which are black and somewhat sharp, being able to slice through wind and increase her flight speed.


Lilith is somewhat of a very revealing character. Her crimson red halter dress is cut from the top of her chest to about her bellybutton, and is also cut from the top of her waist on the left all the way down to where the dress ends. Her crimson red arm sleeves cover most of her arms, and have gold trimming at the end of them. Lilith also wears crimson red colored high heels; which she is surprisingly able to be active in. For accessories, Lilith wears a gold ring on the middle finger of her right hand, as well as a golden earring on her right ear. Finally, she has a golden star necklace which she had stolen from a jewelry shop, and it is worth tons of money.


【Megurine Luka】 Blackjack

【Megurine Luka】 Blackjack

Lilith's Theme

When you first meet Lilith, you'd say that she is a very flirty, seductive woman with a beautiful body just begging for attention from others with her very revealing clothing. However, trying to win her over is a mistake. She is actually a very ruthless woman, using both her attractiveness and manipulation skills to get what she wants. Things as simple as a kiss from her could break anyone. This is why Lilith can also be described as a temptress, due to her flirty, selfish ways.

Lilith can also be described as somewhat cold, due to the fact that she doesn't care much about anyone else but herself and her achievements. She doesn't even mind having to cheat sometimes to get her way, or in some cases fight for it. Even against strong opponents, Lilith will reveal her true strengths and prove that she's more that just an attractive woman with all looks and no smarts. She's a smart gambler as well, usually able to find a way to get what she needs through taking risk.

Sometimes Lilith can be very sarcastic when talking to someone she doesn't like much, or when she is bragging about herself and tries to insult someone else. These insults could go on and on, her teasing sometimes getting caught in the middle and making someone really upset at her as well.


Lilith was born in Southchase City, and was an only child. She enjoyed using technology in ways people weren't aware were even possible, and thought highly of herself. She became a very greedy girl, wanting everything life had to offer to her. As a teenager around 14 to 15, Lilith would hack accounts ranging from things from youtube accounts to emails and personal information. However, all of these things were hidden under this bat's pretty little face, which she used to her advantage. People never thought of her as the extremely smart one, but boy were they wrong.

Once Lilith reached her early 20's, she moved to Central City to extend her knowledge forward and become more powerful. She had grown into a very attractive, seductive lady who caught the attention of many. After purchasing an apartment in the city, she became a waitress at a casino. She would gamble here and there, but likes to keep somewhat of a low profile around others. Whenever she gambled, she used a device called the HOS V1 to rig things like the slot machines or even a game of roulette. But as soon as people became suspicious, Lilith ended her gambling ways and tried to figure out a new way to obtain money.

Since then, Lilith trained herself in whatever way she could. She decided that since rigging the casino would be a bit too risky, she would have to rely on both her hacking skills and stealthiness. Lilith became a mysterious girl of the night, never bringing too much attention to herself as she prepared for whatever had to be done to get what she wanted.

Powers & Abilities


Lilith's most noticeable power. She has known how to fly since she was very young, and has pretty much mastered her flight ability. Her wings are strong and sharp. Once she begins to fly, Lilith's wings extend straight outward, reaching out about 3 1/2 feet. They are able to ascend her entire body high up into the air. Once she is high enough, Lilith can reach very enhanced speeds when flying straight, and even faster when slightly descending. The fastest she has every flown is about 180 mph, her wings able to slice through air and propel her forward.



Lilith will choose not to fight if she doesn't have to. She instead prefers being very manipulative and sneaky. Lilith is very good at lying and making things sound better than what they really are. She makes and breaks promises, and will stab someone in the back at any time to her advantage.

Weapons & Items


L-10 - A custom made pistol handgun used by Lilith. She keeps this gun hidden securely under her dress in an easy place to pull out if she ever needs it. The L-10 is semi-automatic; It shoots 10 rounds (Explaining the 10 in it's name), and has 65 maximum ammunition. The recoil is very low, and does decent penetration to an unarmored person.
Smoke Grenade - A standard smoke grenade that Lilith carries with her. When thrown, they explode into a huge cloud of thick smoke. She is able to see through the smoke with her delicate bat eyes, only using these when she is in a tight spot and needs to evade the area.

Items in Possession

HOS V1 - The Hackers Operation System Version 1, or HOS V1 for short, is both a phone and a hacking device used by Lilith. It is able to gain control of cameras, activate control panels, scan, and crack pass codes. The HOS takes the appearance of an iPhone 6, and can be used as a regular phone. When someone enters the pass code, it will act as a normal phone. However, when Lilith inputs her fingerprint, she is able to access the other secret features. An example of this device's power was it's ability to rig a slot machine, as well as control the power in a museum and crack the security code to a display case.


Lilith's wings are probably the strongest part of her body, but are also very delicate. If they are even slightly damaged, her wings will not function the same, messing with Lilith's flights ascent and speed. Damage to Lilith's wings also bring her pain, though she is sometimes able to shake it off. When Lilith is using her night vision, sudden exposure to bright light blinds her. A similar weakness goes to her bat ears. When sudden loud noises go off, such as blaring alarms or things as simple as a dog whistle, Lilith's ears are very sensitive to it and she does not react very well. Also, With Lilith's clothing not being very protective of her skin, her body is very vulnerable to attacks.


Official Characters


Fan Characters

Nikki "Nikkell" The Hedgehog

Lilith and Nikki have encountered each other in the Central City occasionally, and don't really like each other much. The first time they met was when Lilith was attempting to steal a chaos emerald from the Central City, until she was caught off guard by the pyrokinetic. After being defeated and her plans being foiled, Lilith fled from the scene and kept a mental note to avoid the annoying hero.






  • "I'm gonna miss Southchase City...But if I plan on becoming any more powerful I need to move on."
  • "So this is Central City? Hah, this place is a money heist waiting to happen."
  • "What the hell is your problem?!"
  • "How about you mind your business, and i'll handle mine."
  • "Who came up with these security passwords? Even a total noob could figure these out aftera few tries."


  • Lilith's last name, Salt, is inspired by the female Russian spy, Evelyn Salt, from the movie Salt.
    • Lilith is also loosely based off of Lilith Swann from the CoD Exo Zombies series.
  • This is Nikki-Kaji's only adult character
  • Lilith tends to curse a lot, especially when she is angry at someone or upset.
  • It is hinted that Lilith hates mozzarella sticks due to the fact that they are very hard to chew. They also get stuck on her fangs, and she also has trouble swallowing them.
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