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Lilith Diablo is a known figure within the underworld of the United Federation as the so-called Mistress of the Night, owner and proprietor of a shadowy nightclub where absolutely nothing is off the table, including the trade of slaves; stolen property and other illegal actions. However, Lilith's relationship with the leader of the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus and her position as an assassin stationed within the United Federation is a very heavily guarded secret.

Lilith Diablo

Biographical Information
  • Madame Lilith Diablo - Title
  • Mistress of the Night
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Battleship gray with each quill streaked with black and pale skin
  • Eyes: Black
  • Black cape with a red inner filling and large collar
  • Skin-tight deep purple long dress
  • Long silver gloves
  • Black belts
  • Silver thigh-high boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsNihlic Clan of Nihlus (Assassin, informant)
  • Heightened night vision
  • Highly trained hand-to-hand combatant
  • Naturally skilled umbrakinetic
  • Capable of manipulating "Nihlic energy"
  • Skilled at unseen movement
  • Fairly capable at working with Mobian and human physiology
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A cousin to the leader of the Nihlic Clan; Lilith shares only her height and almost soulless black eyes with her relative. An incredibly tall hedgehog with remarkable curves in "all the right places", to quote her clientele, Lilith has Battleship gray fur with each of her ten quills streaked along the top or bottom with black. However, Lilith also has exceptionally pale skin from her primarily nocturnal lifestyle which lends her an almost vampiric first impression when combined with her regular attire.


Not afraid to catch people's eyes in a manner similar to her teacher, Lilith tends to amp up her appearance and mythic nickname as a creature of the night with clothing that tends towards the vampiric, with the faint seductive twist added to suit her primary role. This consists of a tight dark purple dress with faint silver highlighting, leaving her as a faintly shimmering figure. Over this, she tends to wear a long black cape lined on the inside with blood red as the most vampiric element of her clothing. A set of silver thigh-high boots and long gloves rounds out her "business" clothes.

Lilith has also been routinely observed wearing a tight black bodysuit made of a combination of spandex and armor-grade leather, including heels and gloves in the same colors. While many assume this is clothing for a different kind of "business", which is technically correct - these clothes make up Lilith's "uniform" as an assassin.


Many within the United Federation have only heard whispers and tales of the underworld nightclub known simply as the Shadows Palace. Indeed, it seemed to simply emerge within Central City without warning, and never seems to get raided by the police or G.U.N. despite the rumored debauchery and illegal goings-on. Most of that is likely due to the influence of the proprietor, Lilith Diablo.

Lilith appeared on the scene around three years prior and almost immediately established the club, quickly dropping from the radar. Back then, she was the heart and soul, establishing connections with both underworld syndicates and political figures alike. Now, it is rare for anybody other than her regulars to get to see her for long, though she vets every newcomer for potential value.


A one-time student of her cousin Leeg the Hedgehog; the head assassin of the Nihlic Clan, Lilith has a number of tastes in combat that tend towards his fighting style. However, in the years since she established herself within the United Federation, she has adapted it towards her own tastes.

Similar to Leeg, Lilith has a taste for killing without augmentation. Due to Leeg's training, Lilith has fairly good knowledge of the pressure points and critical locations for an unusually wide range of Mobian species and humans, granting the woman remarkable skill in and out of combat alike. When forced to fight, Lilith tends to emphasize small, fairly light hits to these critical points, aiming to leave the nerves deadened and unable to function temporarily or blocking her target's access to the Chaos Force and any other elemental powers they may intend to perform against her. With this skill, she is capable of leaving targets unconscious or dying relatively quickly and, should she desire it, painlessly. Out of combat, Lilith has a fairly strong reputation as a masseuse, working that same physical magic to relieve pressure and leave her clients moving freely and comfortably.

Unlike her relatives, however, Lilith is a shadowhog; the elemental subspecies of hedgehog aligned with Darkness. This means that for the same amount of effort, Lilith has more power available to her, while still granting her superior night vision. Unlike Leeg and Pianura, Lilith tends to utilize her elemental powers as an augment for her combat style and to assist her day-to-day, rather than as a primary combat method. In this sense, Lilith tends to create whips and ropes out of darkness to bind her targets and restrict their movements and cause pain. While she takes no pleasure in extracting pain and misery, she also performs these missions in the name of her clan. Lilith also possesses the ability to heal and regenerate power and stamina from light reflected off the moon, allowing her more flexibility in her nocturnal life.

As a member of the Nihlic Clan, Lilith chose to study in the ability to manipulate the void between realities as an additional strength for her fighting style - and an additional link to her family. Similarly to Leeg and Pianura; she has learned how to create the so-called Shield of Magnificent Nothingness; a functional void shield to protect herself in emergencies, alongside the ability to create "rips" in reality to travel to and from the Transitory Mists. Unlike her cousins however, Lilith lacks combat usage of these powers, preferring to stick to her more powerful shadows and physical strikes.

Lilith has a number of weaknesses, most notably light. As a shadowhog, Lilith is naturally sensitive to arcane light such as that generated by solarakinetics, though she lacks the same sensitivity to natural light. Similarly, light is the counterbalance to her shadows as far as binding is concerned. As far as her hand-to-hand combat is concerned, anybody with an atypical body structure or a rare species is automatically at an advantage due to her reliance on pressure points - if she can't find them, she can't hit them. She also lacks the ability to easily free herself if bound.


Many descriptions have been laid at Lilith's feet. Some describe her as softly spoken, always thinking over her next words and actions before she commits to them. Others tend to describe her as a seeker and provider of pleasures; a woman of knowing the ways of the heart and body almost to an unnatural degree. One notable report indicated there was a cruel streak and a quirk for manipulation, and a tendency to avoid meaningful relationships.

In truth; Lilith is highly guarded to protect her allegiance to the Nihlic Clan secret. While hardly a "worshiper" of Nihlus, she is also keenly aware of the reputation of her family and the people she grew up with. In turn; she cares little for the people she views as setting restrictions upon the world, meaning that those on both sides of the law can find themselves under her much less tender hands should she receive the order.

At the same time, other aspects of her reputation are correct. While her cover requires her to use her knowledge of physiology to relieve pain or elicit pleasure as much as it asks her to kill, Lilith loves that feeling of power she has over many, especially men. The one key tradeoff is a much deeper rooted longing for true affection from someone, though she has had to bury that to keep up her combined spymaster/assassin role.







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