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Lilac Free
Skin: light purple

hair: Lilac-violet

Eyes: blue

Wings: Pink Shades

Antennae: purple and pink
Mint green dress with ruffled lining

Dark blue jacket-like vest over dress held close with red bow.

A single red bracelet on each wrist

Cerise Pink headphones

Black Maryjanes

Powder Blue socks
"Music of all types are best when you play in a Flower Field~"
Romantic Interests
Charmy (small crush)
Headphones Sunflower Umbrella
Being a butterfly, she can float/fly/hover

Turn flowers into weapons

Open up Transport Flowers


Lilac Free is a young child who is about the size and height of Charmy Bee. Born May 16th at Hana (flower) Forest she currently lives there. As she is a young child she is a single girl but she does harbor small amounts of feelings for Charmy. She likes to play with him and will often go to the Chaotix Agency to ask him to come and play or have a picnic with her.


  • Being a butterfly, Lilac can hover/float/and fly.
  • She can use healing flowers
  • Can open Transportation Flowers (with a bit of help from Charmy)
  • Turning flowers into weapons.


  • Sunflower Umbrella: She uses this to fight, its just a long stemmed blue sunflower thats flat on top.
  • Melodic Spin: Throwing her headset like a boomerang.
  • Butterfly ray: Small glowing multi-color butterflies shoot out in a ray formation.


As its been made clear, when it comes to flowers. Lilac is somewhat like Cream the Rabbit. She loves to use them for decorations and making flower chains. She is also always wearing her headphones and listens to music or watching television. Lilac also considers trying to help others a hobby, she often shows up at the Chaotix headquarters and ask them to let her come.

Whether they allow it or not, she goes around trying to help others in anyway possible, even if it doesn't turn out good....


Lilac is a young girl in love with two things. Technology and Charmy Bee. She comes off a bit giggly and airheaded but Lilac is pretty smart for someone her age. Sure, it may not be with math or general things people the age of eight and up may understand. But when it comes to things like, fixing a television or downloading things without a chance of virus, Lilac is a great girl to ask. She's rather hyper as well and one minute may be upset, then the next be dancing around and happy. She's almost never mad though. But if her headphones are taken away, she gets a bit crabby.


  • Charmy <3
  • Music
  • Television
  • Crafts
  • Flower field Naps
  • Favorite foods include: Honey, sucking on flower petals, candy, and orange juice.


  • Storms
  • Boredom
  • Mean people
  • Flower abuse
  • Hated foods include: Coffee, bitter things, vegetables, lemons and other sour things.


Lilac is a light purple color butterfly. Her eyes are a medium shade of blue. Her skin, which is just her arms, hands, and muzzle are light tan. Her antennae are both light pink and purple in color but are opposite. The right one being pink with a purple top and stripe, while the left is purple with a pink top and a stripe. Her hair is lilac/lavender in color. She has a puff of bangs and two long side parts reaching the bottom of her head. Her hair is chest length and spikes upwards on the edges.

Besides her antennae, her other most noticeable feature is her light pink wings. The middle is colored similar to Amy's fur while the outer area is lighter pink. Inside each part of the wing are dark pink circles/spots. Lilac wears a mint green dress with light blue ruffled lining, Over this is a dark blue big vest with a multi-blue flower patch on the one side, the vest is held close with a red ribbon. On her wrist are red bracelets and Lilac also wears powder blue socks and black maryjanes. Always seen on her head are raspberry red colored headphones.


One day when someone was attacking Hana forest the Chaotix had been on their way to save the day. Lilac tried to help but had been attacked, after Charmy helped her the group managed to finish off the bad thing and send it packing. Since then Lilac has admired and looked up to the group. She wishes to become a part of it someday when she's older.

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