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Sexual Orientation: None (is too young).


Like her modern counterpart, this version of Lilac is shorter than other Mobians her age. She wears a slightly more frilly dress than her modern counterpart, as well.


Like her modern self, Lilac is optimistic and cheerful. But unlike her modern self, this version isn’t very intelligent, always making Ds or Fs in school. She sometimes has to rely on her sisters, Marie and Anna, for help. But even with the help, the highest she’ll most likely get is a B-. But she says “you don’t need to be smart to be happy!” do you, Lilac.


“If 40 divided by X is 5, what is X?” Lilac being stupid in math class.

“Why do you say I’m stupid? I can count to ten! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10!” Lilac trying to prove that she’s not an idiot by being an idiot.

“I may not be smart, but at least I’m not boring!” Lilac claiming that she isn’t boring.



  • Platinum (best friend and secret crush)
  • Anna (also best friend)

Theme Songs

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  • This is the only version of Rosebud who knows nothing about Sonic the Hedgehog or his cohorts. Every time she hears about him, she says “Who’s Sonic the Hedgehog?” And then everyone listening proceeds to laugh at her.
  • As the Classic version of Rosebud, she is even more cheerful than her modern counterpart.
  • Unlike her counterparts, she is not self-aware. She knows nothing about the fourth wall, or even what an audience is! (She shouldn’t have skipped those drama classes)
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