This is for a scrapped character, as I felt that she wouldn’t fit in the games or the cartoon. She was originally made for the cartoon, but I think her role would already exist. *Cough cough* Justin Beaver! *Cough cough*

Cquote1 Sa-sa-sa-SONIC BOOM! Oh, wow! I said the title of the show! Hi, fans! Cquote2
Rosebud being cheeky and breaking the fourth wall

Additional Info

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality and Powers

Personality: Like her modern counterpart, Lilac is optimistic and cheerful. She enjoys singing, partying, and having fun. She is always singing, wherever she goes, anywhere she goes, which sometimes annoys others. She sometimes makes jokes about the canon characters (i.e. “I’m waiting for Knuckles to chuckle.” “Where are those DARN SEVEN CHAOS EMERALDS?! DARN DARN DARNY DARN DARN DANG!”) In her free time, Lilac is trying to “make the next big internet meme”. She has come close, but hasn’t succeeded yet.

Powers: Hydrokinesis, Cyrokinesis, and Flight


“♪You should expect the expected, and nothing more! I’m sure you‘ve heard someone cover this song before!♪” -Lilac singing “Expect the Expected”. (Or “Just Another Generic Boyband”, if you prefer.)

“Now, everyone should run like Sonic! And believe in themselves!”-Encouraging her friends and fans to “run like Sonic”. GAME TIME! Which Sonic song did Lilac referenced? It’s too easy, right?

Theme Song

AgeAge Again (See wayyyyyyyy below!)

AgeAgeAgain (Project Mirai 2 OP)♪┊ENG DUB♫ ○ 【Cammie☕Mile 】

AgeAgeAgain (Project Mirai 2 OP)♪┊ENG DUB♫ ○ 【Cammie☕Mile 】


  • Closest thing that I think I made so far to a meme! GOOD JOB, ME!
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