Lightspeed Attack is an incredibly powerful highspeed attack, and one of Sonic the Hedgehog's signature attacks.


The user starts by spinning in place as they would while charging a Spindash. However, the user gathers light and surrounds themselves in an aura of the gathered energy. Upon releasing the attack, the user dashes towards their opponent(s) at the speed of light (hence the name). When used against a large amount of opponents, the user is able to tear through all opponents at intense speed, leaving the opponents devastated in the wake of the attack. When used against a single opponent, the user is able to repeatedly slam the opponent from all sides almost simultaeniously at vicious speeds. Regardless of the number of opponents, this attack is almost guaranteed to leave the opponent(s) beaten into submission.

This technique can also be used in an arguably faster, but smaller-scale way. If in possession of a ring, the user can throw the ring in the desired direction of the attack, preferably so the opponents are in between the user and the ring. The user would then use the Lightspeed Dash to home in on the ring, thus dashing towards the opponents and hitting them. This version of the attack is also known as Sonic Drive


Add your character if they can use this attack.


  • Spindash: Basis for technique
  • Lightspeed Dash: Original technique used for high-speed movement, rather than attack
  • Chaos Shatter: Derived technique
  • Lightspeed Razor Slash:A sword is used.


  • A high-speed attack that is virtually impossible to deflect or avoid, which is almost guaranteed to leave the opponent(s) heavily beaten, this attack is ranked as an S-Rank move.

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