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*Nero the Hedgehog ''(originally made by Nerothehedgehog)'' (Sing; Speed)
*Nero the Hedgehog ''(originally made by Nerothehedgehog)'' (Sing; Speed)
*Nazo the Hedgehog (Dance; Power)
== Gameplay ==
== Gameplay ==
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[[Category:Schoolbus13's Fanfics/Stuff]]
[[Category:SB Media]]

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Lights! Camera! Sonic! is a party-style video game developed by School Bus Studios (now SB Media).

Story Edit

The famous actress Madam Mousell is visiting Parkview to find a star in her movie, Fights and the Stars. Everyone wants the role, but there will be only one winner! Who will win the role? Play the game to find out!!

Characters/Types Edit

Team Sonic Edit

Team Rose Edit

Team Chaos Edit

Team Chaotix Edit

Team Tyrone Edit

Team Fanon Edit

  • 3 Characters will be accepted. Anyone else will be unlockable. Please leave requests on the game's talk page.
  • Shima the Hedgehog (Originally made by Shimathehedgehog) (Leader - Sing; Speed)
  • Twister the Fox (Originally made by Tails6000) (Play; Power)
  • Ultra the Foxidna (Originally made by Digisapien) (Dance; Flight)


  • Nero the Hedgehog (originally made by Nerothehedgehog) (Sing; Speed)
  • Nazo the Hedgehog (Dance; Power)

Gameplay Edit

Style Edit

This game uses 3 modes: Dance, Sing and Play. Each character is based on their skills; if they're good at singing but not at playing, then he/she will be listed under "Singing". Dance and Sing characters are mainly people who can, well, dance or sing. Play is for those people who are NOT good at the others. Those who are listed as "Play" get a mini-game similar to Tag, Random Patterns, a Mario-Kart style race, Football or a Random Minigame. Shadow, however, has Chaos Abilities if you get Tag, Mario-Kart Style Racing or Football.

Audience Edit

There is a feature called the "Audi-o-Meter", which measures how well you did based on points and "customer satisfaction". If you did not do well, then you get a "thumbs-down" and you probably won't win the role. Do well, and score high in order for you to get the role.

Auditions Edit

Wolfington Area Edit

  • Ski Barrington (Play)
  • Dance Lake (Dance)
  • Mina's Concert (Sing)

Beachfront Area Edit

  • Sun n' Tan (Dance)
  • Hot-cert (Sing)
  • Sandcade (Play)

Emerald Harbor Area Edit

  • Stingray (Dance)
  • Catch n' Bash (Play)
  • Ships Ahoy! (Sing)
  • Yo Ho! Yo Ho! (Bonus)

Sonic's Neighborhood Area Edit

  • Shark Tank (Dance)
  • Sonic Kart Racing (Play)
  • After Hours (Sing)

Mobibu Area Edit

  • Laguna Lagoon (Sing)
  • Wait n' Bait (Play)
  • Tap Tap (Dance)
  • Oxy-Moron (Bonus)

Downtown Parkview Area Edit

  • Free-Fall (Play)
  • Hiss Hiss (Dance)
  • Window Breaker (Sing)

Egg Gulag Area Edit

  • Final Defense (Play)
  • FinalDance (Dance)
  • Screech of Doom (Sing)

Unlockable AreasEdit

  • Chaos Lake
  • Station Square
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