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Blue hedgehog with red eyes, red stripes on his quills, black legs and blue shoes.


Fun loving, get serious in battle


lightning is Sonic’s brother. When they were young Sonic played a trick on Lightning so Lightning decided to go to Green Hill Zone to train. Lightning decided to copy his brother and ruin his reputation. Lightning saved Tails when Metal Sonic tried to kill him. Later, Eggman tricked Lightning into helping him. Lighting fought his brother almo killing him Shad and Silver saved Sonic. Lightning fought the tow and put Silver in a coma and was about to kill Shadow when Sonic recoverd and fought him Lightning went back to normal and decided to fight Eggman who reviled the eggcolosis And was about to kill the pair. Until thay fused into hiper Lightnic from there Lightnin chase after Eggman During the freedom war Lightning apears to have given up on loo for Eggman and returned home just in time to push back Scurge’s army and to see Scuorge kill Sonic. Lightning reteats to green hill zone and was approached by a hero named Red Star


Super speed, stun and Shock power up punch


He can copy or mimic his brother. Turend super and hiyper




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