Not to be confused with the Archie Comics character Lightning Lynx, or any other character by the name of Lightning.

Lightning the Cheetah is a character set to appear in the upcoming story Reign of Terror. He is a cheetah formerly of the new Cheetah Clan who joined the Storm Fighters with his sister Lilac after Austin's Rogue Tribe found the Clan while working to free The Tribes from Scourge.


Lightning is a Mobian cheetah about a few inches taller than Austin(possibly due to his realistic design and the fact real life cheetahs have long legs). As such, Lightning has bright yellow fur dotted with black spots, a black tail-tip, black ears, two black stripes on his face, one on either side of his muzzle, and long, lanky arms and legs.


When he first appeared, Lightning was quite smug and arrogant, though he had a close bond with his younger sister Lilac, which Austin related to despite his dislike of the cheetah's arrogance. While working with the warriors, Lightning eventually came to like them and chose to stay with them alongside his sister when their Clan was made apart of the Wilde Tribe.


Lightning's past is unknown up until the point his Clan was found by Rogue Tribe on their travels. After that, he became one of the main Rogue Tribe warriors, overcoming his arrogance and low opinion of those slower than himself. After the first battle with Mephitis in Reign of Terror, he became a warrior of the Storm Fighters alongside Mason the Cougar and Leonard the Leopard.


All cheetahs in The Legend of Fox the Brave have super-speed(based off of the real life cheetah's ability to run fast after prey{albeit for short bursts}), and Lightning and Lilac are no exception. Lightning mentions he was named for his speed, claiming to be as fast as a lightning strike(though this was just him bragging).


Similarly to Sonic the Hedgehog, Lightning hates sitting still, and becomes very fidgety if not given something that lets him use his speed. Also like Sonic(mentioned in Stage 6 of Sonic Forces), Lightning is possibly claustrophobic(as Sonic states in Sonic Forces that he doesn't do well in tight spaces).


Lilac the Cheetah

Lightning loves Lilac, and will do anything for her. Despite his dislike of the cheetah's early arrogance, Austin relates to Lightning's love of his sister, as Austin himself felt the same love for his brother Michael.

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