Cquote1 Lets go grab a burger while we're at it, eh? I'm half starved! Cquote2
Lightning The Hedgehog
Larry "Lightning" Star The Hedgehog
Lightning The Hedgehog
February 15th
Sailor, Treasure Hunter.
Sailing, Making people laugh, showing off, burgers, treasure, his headband.
Boredom, shrimp, ghosts.
Favorite Food
Hamburgers, Beefburgers, Burgerburgers

Lightning is a 24 year old hedgehog and a sailor living in Green Flower City. He lives with his three siblings, Thunder, Electric and Zap. The four of them sail the seas, traveling the entire world. They also are writing a book about their adventures as they go along. The ship they use belongs to Thunder, who named it the "Thunder Bolt". Lightning is in charge of the lookout. He uses his telescope to see what is near and what is far, and keeps Thunder notified of their surroundings.

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Lightning is a yellow hedgehog with several quills, much like his twin brother, Thunder. However, while Thunder generally keeps his quills well groomed, Lightning lets his grow out like wild spiky hair. His eyes are as yellow as his fur. His outfits may vary, but he almost always wears his brown vest, gray gloves with a red patch on the back, citrus green shoes with a black patch on the top, and his red headband.

He has an outfit similar to Thunder's life-vest attire, but in different colors. He still likes to wear his headband while wearing that, too.


Lightning Sprite

Lightning is a very goofy, silly and laid back guy. He just likes to let loose and have fun, live life to the fullest. He lives on the wild side, and craves adventure. He can be rather cocky and proud, and can be quite the showoff. He doesn't like to know that he stinks at something that shouldn't be hard, or something one of his brothers is good at. He likes to tease others, but is also very easy to tease himself. He is very comical, and sometimes sees himself as a comedian. He tries to let everyone have fun. He absolutely loves burgers, and lucky for him theirs a burger joint right down the street from where he lives.

Strengths and Powers

Lightning's strengths are mainly in his sense of humor and fishing skills. Other than that, there aren't many things that he's generally good at. His main flaw is in his cooking. If it doesn't taste bad, it's completely inedible. He wouldn't care so much about cooking if his brothers didn't say he utterly stank at it.

Lightning has the second strongest lightning powers out of his brothers. He can be pretty lethal, as not only is he the second strongest, but he is definitely the most agile out of the family. His physical strength is average, but his electrical power definitely makes up for it. Like Thunder, his electrokinesis stands out amongst the others, in that instead of summoning a bolt of lightning from the sky, he is the bolt of lightning. He attacks by charging electricity inside and around him, and dashing into the enemy. Most of his attacks take a moment to charge, but end up being lightning quick when unleashed.

Lightning mainly relies on instinct while fighting, rather than strategizing, unless he's fighting with someone else who is coming up with the strategies of course.

Like his other brothers, he is weak against water while he is using electricity.

General Info

Lightning is generally found sailing with his brothers. He's in charge of the lookout while sailing, raising and lowering the anchor, and tending to the sails. If he's at home, He's either taking it easy on the couch, or not even at home specifically; he'll be out to the local burger shop for lunch. They are supposed to be all writing entries for the book of their adventures, however, Lightning doesn't do much writing. If he does, it's usually covering humorous events. But most of the time he lets everyone else write instead.

He has really gotten into treasure hunting lately.

Back Story

None of Lightning's friends ever found out-or asked-what happened to his parents. He doesn't remember too well himself, but Electric does. Lightning's parents had passed away in a house fire. Their house had burned down in a mysterious incident codenamed by the police: The F-12 incident. Lightning and his brothers were the only survivors because their father took them out the house, then went back to get their mother-when the house collapsed on top of them. They then had to be taken in by the Black Rose Orphanage. They stayed there until Electric managed to get them into a house which an old man had just moved out of.

Later, Thunder had entered a sweepstakes game and won second prize. He got a lot of money, and ended up buying a ship. It was rather plain until they all pitched in to design it. Since his early days, Thunder had always wanted to be a sailor. With that money, he lived up to his dream. Lightning envied him for getting his own ship.

Theye later met Smash, who was looking for someone to take him somewhere, and they soon became friends. Ever since then, they let Smash ride Thunder's ship whenever he needed to get overseas.


Like Thunder, Lightning started out as a bland yellow Sonic recolor. He looked exactly like Thunder except with yellow eyes and red&blue shoes, and different gloves. Lightning was the most obscure one out of the four brothers. He had little to no dialoge for the majority he was in anywhere. Until he got his new look, that is. But even then, his personality was still unstable. He was on a very thin line of being a really good character and being a really really bad character. The way he is now, he is leaning towards the good side compared to how he was before.



Look Here for the Roleplay Series.

= RP has been completed.

?= RP has stopped for any number of reasons. Or has never began. ☆'The Vo'yages of Thunder The Hedgehog: Lightning was one of the main characters of the RP. The four brothers met a girl named Estrella Marina while they were returning from a sailing trip. Lightning and his brothers ended up saving her from a group of thugs who were trying to kidnap her, and that lead them on a long adventure. They find out that she was a test subject for an organization which had gone wrong, and they had mutated all of their other subjects because she escaped. Thunder then vowed to take out every facility owned by them.

'☆S'mash The Echidna and Luna The Hedgehog's Wedding: Lightning was invited to the wedding.

Splice The Hedgehog (RP of the Fangame): Lightning was to appear in the game, and therfor, will appear in the RP.

Numbered Days: In the ending, Thunder came to pick up Smash, Pearl, Splice, and Gizmo at Green Hill Zone. Of course Lightning was with him.

?The Mystery of Skull Cross: Lightning may end up being closely tied to this story...

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Relationships with Other Characters


Thunder and Lightning

Credit to VegasFox

Thunder The Hedgehog

Being his twin brother, They get along for the most part. They also share a bit of a sibling rivalry. Thunder is captain of his own ship. Lightning still wants his own ship, but he feels somewhat even with Thunder as he has the stronger powers. Lightning just loves to get on his nerves.

Electric The Hedgehog

Lightning respects Electric for the most part. He sees him as "The authorities". If he's caught doing something he probably shouldn't, he'll "Scram! It's security!".

Zap The Hedgehog

Lightning often gets Zap in on his shennanigans, and usually gets them both into trouble. They both have fun while it lasts though. Lightning often teases Zap on various subjects.


(FC's by same creator)

Smash The Echidna

Smash was one of his first friends. They occasionally run into eachother and chat a little.

Pearl The Echidna 

Lightning hasn't really talked to Pearl that much. But since she's the sister of his friend, he tries to think of her as a friend too.

Violet The Hedgehog

He and Violet get along pretty well, however, they rarely see eachother.

Splice The Hedgehog

The two are buddies of a sort. They occasionally have lunch together down at the local Burger joint.

Kyle The Hedgehog

He and Kyle are really good friends. He always keeps his spirits up with his hearty personality.

Keela The Hedgehog

Lightning gets along well with her, but doesn't see her too much.

Crystal The Fox

Crystal personally likes Lightning a lot, thinking that he's funny. Of course, Lightning appreciates this.

Gizmo The Cat

He's on okay terms with Gizmo, but he rarely runs into him.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Lightning likes Speedy because he can be kinda silly at times, and he's easy to tease. He sees him more of a pal than anything.

Luna The Hedgehog

He met her once when visiting her home kingdom, but didn't really get to know her until she started crossing overseas to meet the gang. They're on okay terms.

Shada The Hedgehog

Like Luna, he met her during his initial visit, but since Shada stayed home far more often than Luna, he hasn't seen her in a long time.

Lily The Hedgehog

Lightning tries to be nice to her and everything when everyone else is around. But when he's alone, he tries to keep his distance.

Hyper The Hedgehog

Lightning doesn't know too much about him, but he knows the past few incidents were related to him, such as the chasing after the mutant creators and going to a haunted island.

Estrella Marina The Hedgehog

Lightning was at first slightly jealous of Thunder when she fancied Thunder over him, and tried to prove that he was the cooler brother. It eventually failed and he gave up after she became Thunder's girlfriend. He still thinks of Estrella as a friend nonetheless.

Tab The Cat

Lightning has tried and failed to make her laugh. He thinks that she needs to live a little more.

Shade The Dark Chao

Lightning thinks that he might be able to get along with him. He doesn't know though because Shade doesn't pay much attention to him.


A scientific organization that was shut down after their experiments caused a world wide catastrophe, but are still active behind the scenes. Lightning isn't really sure they can take them all down by themselves, but he's willing to try.

Fun Facts

  • Lightning takes especially good care of his headband. He wears it in almost every outfit he has on, too.
  • Lightning is terrified of Ghosts. He fainted on more than one occasion in "The Outbreak".
  • Lightning occasionally takes the wheel for Thunder while sailing. Very few times when Thunder comes back, he's caught Lightning whistling and dancing a little jig while at the wheel.

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