A lightning-fast projectile that can also be wielded like a melee weapon. Though Duke can use it at close range, it is a projectile attack first and foremost; he can either throw it like an actual javelin, or send out a flurry of lightning bolts with a wave of his hand. When thrown in its javelin form, it's both fast and powerful; when launched in a lightning-like flurry, it's less powerful but has increased maneuverability and speed. Giving it greater accuracy. Depending on the situation, it can leave the target temporarily stunned or destroy the them completely. When launched, this attack is followed by the sound of thunder.


Duke was the one who created it, and as of this moment, is the only one who uses it.


Duke had studied Shadow's Chaos Spear and Knuckles' Thunder Arrow at a young age. After nearly two years of practicing, he created the Lightning Javelin.


Users need enough skill with chaos energy to change its form and attributes; in this case, a spear-like weapon or even electricity.

Significant Variants

At the moment, there are only two variants; the javelin form and lightning flurry. While both are lightning quick, the former emphasizes power, while the latter emphasizes accuracy and has a wider area of effect. Its javelin form is also more versatile, not only can Duke use it for close combat, he can use it as a projectile; even launching its flurry variant with a lot more ease.

Weak Points

The javelin form of this attack is very linear, anyone with a sufficient amount of speed and agility can dodge it with relative ease. Its lightning variant can be block, but given the various side effects the technique has in general, it's best to block it with some type of barrier.


The speed, power, and accuracy of its javelin form is dependent on the user, since they are manually aiming and throwing it; while its volley variant is not limited in that way, it lacks the potency and destructive power of the javelin form.

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