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His main weakness is thunder, the opposite of lightning, since his main element is lightning, he can be knocked out very easily.
His main weakness is thunder, the opposite of lightning. And since lightning is his main power, he can be knocked out very quickly and easily.
==Romantic Interests==
==Romantic Interests==

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Lightning Dude appears as a black fured hedgehog with cyan-green streaks. His skin is peach, and he has green eyes. He has black shoes and wears white gloves.


Lightning Dude likes lots of things. He is very playful and mostly likes racing. He has been longing to beat his friend, Hedgehog Dude, in a race for a long time and eventually got over it. He likes many of the Sonic characters.


Lightning Dude was born to Jackson Espondant and Glenda Espondant on day 358, 3011. All that's known about him is that he was one when he chose his favorite food (which happened 3012). and that he was seven when he got his super form (which happened 3018).

Lightning Dude
358, 3011
Black with cyan-green streaks
racing, Sonic, break-dancing with Sonic, Kitty, Blaze (to a degree), Shadow (to a degree), Knuckles (to a degree), fighting, Tails, defeating Eggman, the Chaos Emeralds, rock music, winning, his family, Hedgehog Dude, Jawbreaker, eating, doing awesome things
Eggman, when he loses a fight, losing a competition
Romantic Interests
Bunnie Rabbot (formely), Maria Robotnik (as a hedgehog)
16, chronological age: 226
Favorite Food
Nachos with nacho cheese, jalapeno peppers, hot sauce, chili, bacon bits, pepper
* Family
  • Glenda Espondant (mother)
  • Jackson Espondant (father)
  • Donald Espondant (brother)
  • Rancis Espondant (brother)
  • Shieba Espondant (sister)
  • Adorabeezle Espondant (sister)
  • Senicka Espondant (brother)
  • Theodorette Espondant (twin sister)
  • Grandma Espondant (grandmother)
  • Grandpa Espondant (grandfather)
Real name
Theodore Espondant
Main Element
Voice Actor
Roger Craig Smith


Lightning Dash and more...

Special Abilities

Super transformation and more...




His main weakness is thunder, the opposite of lightning. And since lightning is his main power, he can be knocked out very quickly and easily.

Romantic Interests

Lightning Dude had a romantic relationship with Bunnie Rabbit. Later, she found out Lightning Dude ate too much, she told Lightning Dude it was over with their relationship. Then, Hedgehog Dude came out of nowhere and hit her with a hammer. Later, Lightning Dude found Maria Robotnik as a hedgehog dreamier than Bunnie Rabbit. Then, he stalked Maria to death about how much he loved her.


Sonic the Hedgehog

They are racing rivals. They compete in races against each other quite frequently.

Miles "Tails" Prower

They love inventing gadgets with each other.

Shadow the Hedgehog

They have an extreme rivalry. They can never get along with each other, and they argue frequently. They even fight each other, but Maria tries to get them to not fight and argue, failing every single time.

Maria the Hedgehog

Lightning Dude has a major long-standing crush on Maria. He compliments her about beauty. He has developed a crush on Maria since they met.


Super Lightning Dude

Lightning Dude absorbs the energy of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Lightning Dude powers up after absorbing the Chaos Emeralds' energy and transforms into Super Lightning Dude.

Dark Lightning Dude

Lightning Dude had turned into his dark form when being controlled by Raven the Hedgehog. First, Hedgehog Dude wasn't feeling good. Then Lightning Dude felt some dark energy surging through him. Hedgehog Dude just didn't care what happened until he saw him turn dark. Hedgehog Dude kind of still didn't care. Lightning Dude acted weird for a second, then Hedgehog Dude said "Okay, if he's being controlled now, I'm gonna enjoy this." Then they fought. Lightning Dude then turned Nega Lightning Dude. Then he killed the Sonic gang. Hedgehog Dude then turned dark. He then beat Lightning Dude and Raven to death.