Lightning Armor is an extremely useful Electric technique, used to stimulate the nervous system.


The user coats themselves in Electrical energy, using the energy to stimulate their nerve endings to a speed pushing on physically dangerous, but in turn pushing the user's physical strength and power up to the very limits that their physiology has, giving the user immense speed and strength.

The armor itself might not be too dangerous, but when combined with an elementless physical attack, the attacks not only gain an Electrical nature, but also increase dramatically in power. When at full-power, the attack actually has an effect on the user's physical appearance - for most species, their fur/feathers stand on end, for species with quills, the quills begin to point upwards, as if transforming, with a similar effect shown by races with dreadlocks, with the dreads floating apart, again, similar to transforming. The sheer physical attributes provided by the technique makes it hard for predictive abilities, such as the Sharingan Eye or Protogan Eye, or other tracking abilities, struggle to keep up with the armored target, or even fail to keep up altogether. By combining this technique with any ability that involves teleportation or the manipulation of Space, the user of the Lightning Armor can dodge high-powered attacks at point-blank range, with only a small-handful of abilities faster than this, not including any form of transformation.

Lightning armor also serves like it's namesake, radically increasing the user's defense to most attacks. However, a powerful enough strike with an attack that the user is weak against, or an attack from a transformed opponent, and the armor can be overwhelmed and the person using it defeated.


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Technique Rank

Due to the technique's amazing boosts, it possesses an S-rank.

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