Light The Hero Chao
Light The Hero Chao
Number of Rebirths
Chao Fruit, Mushrooms, Chao racing and Chao Karate, Cartoons.
Shade, Soap Operas, Axes.
Swim: E

Fly: S

Run: S

Power: S

Stamina: D

Light is Crystal's chao she got for her 10th birthday, and is safe to be called Krysi's little brother. On her tenth birthday, she was given a dark blue Chao Egg. Light was born from the egg soon afterwards. And under Crystal's influence, he became a hero chao with no trouble at all. But he had barely begun to live before he started up a rivalry with Shade the Dark Chao. He takes after Crystal's personality, being a very honest and kind fellow.

Light has made an appearance as a blue monotone Hero Chao in both Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 battle. In both appearances, he had a son named Shine, who's stats differed from his slightly, but still beared great resemblance. Light's current stats are based off of his self in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

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Light the Hero Chao
Light is a deep blue hero chao with yellow highlights. His hands, the tips of his feet and head, his wings and halo are all yellow. Unlike most hero chao, he does not have a differently colored torso.


Light is kind, honest, and considerate towards most others. He takes after Crystal a lot, especially since she was the first person he saw when he was born. He is a very cuddly chao, too. He's occasionally seen cuddling with Crystal or her mother. This is one of the main reasons why Shade calls him a sap. He can be a bit feisty and sarcastic, though. He doesn't tolerate being picked on, and will retaliate. In most cases he snaps back with a few snarky comments, but if push comes to shove, he won't hesitate to engage in physical violence.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Light is skilled in Chao Karate and racing. He was born with impressive status: An S rank in Run, Power, and Flying. However, when it comes to Stamina and Swimming, he's the bottom of the barrel. He knows Karate, and is a physical powerhouse, but it doesn't take much to knock him out. At all. Which would explain why he prefers racing over fighting. He is fast enough to rival your average mobian athlete, but very easily wears himself out. Despite that, he finds running to be exhilerating and racing to be one of the best sports ever. He's been trying to improve his stamina so that he can have a chance at competing in official Chao Races without passing out. Although there is an important factor that he is afraid he'll never overcome, and that is his inability to swim. Once he gets in water, it's all he can do to simply keep himself afloat.

General Info

Light has lived his entire life with Crystal and her family. He doesn't really get out much unless one of them comes with him. While indoors, Light is usually found trying to draw, Helping Crystal's mother around the house, or playing a game with Krysi and/or Crystal. He really enjoys family time, and loves to see the whole family together.

Light generally roams the house, seeing if he is needed anywhere. Once he knows that everything is fine, he will go off to do something else. He'll often watch cartoons on TV if there isn't anything else to do. (or if there's a good episode coming up.) He enjoys playing board or card games, and always plays one or the other with Krysi. Light tends to be an indoors chao, and rarely accompanies Crystal whenever she and Krysi are going out for the day. He'll simply wait for her to come back.


It's amazing that Light had not been dropped. He was one of the worst mary-sue/godmodding characters in the series. Up to the point where it was almost not even funny, but just plain cringe-worthy. He was originally the last of his race of "Hyper Hero Chao". At first, it was only "Hyper Hero Chao", but then it was revealed that it was just "Hyper Chao" altogether, he just had a heroic alignment. The problem was, his parents died to some completely unknown reason, and Light apparently had special powers. Before they died, His parents wrote a list of powers that he could use, and taped it to his egg shell. Light's powers consisted of: Absorbing someone else's powers to heal himself, with their powers coming back within an hour. Illuminating himself to light up the area, Putting all his chao stats into one category (i.e, making it so that Swim, Fly, and Power were all added to Run, making the other stats go down to 0.) Effect reverts whenever he wants. Teleportation (drains a lot of energy when using), and being able to turn super whenever he wants. And in the super form, All of his stats go to the max of 9999.

Of course, some of these powers are unique and kind of cool. (Illumination and status transfer) But all together made him absolutely ridiculous. His character was ruined, and there was barely anything salvageable. He had to be nearly completely reformatted. Only keeping his looks and name. I had kept his superform, but I forgot after about a few months and thought that I had gotten rid of it too. So that's out entirely, now. His personality wasn't much, either. That got redone, too.

All in all, it's a miracle that he was saved. Most other dropped characters were dropped for less extreme reasons.




Other Appearances

Sonic Adventure DX

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame): Light goes missing after the attack on Greenflower City. Finding him is a sidequest.

Relationships with Other Characters


Light is really close to the whole family. They all see him as part of the family, like they do with Krysi.

Crystal The Fox

Crystal is in a way both his sister and mother. Either way, he loves her. Crystal raised and cared for him, which makes her motherly. But seeing as how she and Krysi are like sisters, and Light was raised the same way Krysi has (with the exception of their alignments) Light and Krysi would be brother and sister as well, which would make Crystal his sister, too. It doesn't matter to him, though.

Krysi The Chao

Light's big sister. They get along just fine. They're always finding something to do in their abundance of free time. They especially like to play card games or board games. They often tease and poke fun at each other in a playful manner.

Kitty The Cat Chao

Kitty was one of his first friends. After mating Krysi, Kitty became Light's brother-in-law. He doesn't mind at all, though; the two are pals and get along quite nicely. Light was one of his companions in "A Journey to the Past".


Light knows "The Gang", but he feels that most of them are more of acquaintances rather than actual friends. Although there are a few who he does think of as friends.

Characters made by the same Creator

Gizmo The Cat

Light thinks he's kinda cool. He mainly knows him through Kitty, though.

Smash The Echidna

Light never actually talked to him, but he thinks that he's someone very important.

Pearl The Echidna

Light's seen her whenever she comes to visit. He puts a lot of trust in her.

Violet The Hedgehog

Like Pearl, he's seen her when she comes over. Light really likes her, probably because she always brings a cookie for her and Krysi.


Shade The Dark Chao

Light loathes Shade. Shade was the only one who hated his guts seemingly for the sake of hating him. The two will bicker about some of the most pointless things, and can't help getting into any kind of quarrel whenever they're in speaking distance from each other. They have also, of course, resorted to fist fighting. Light is also very sore over the fact that Shade can fluently speak english while he can't.

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