Light Screen is a defensive Psychic technique, used to block energy-based or non-physical attacks.


This technique is used by creating a barrier of psychic energy, which is set at a specific wavelength to block energy-based and non-physical attacks, even ones as powerful as Hyper Beam. The barrier can be put in various shapes, but is mostly used in the forms of a rectangular screen, a dome of energy, or a box shape that remains invisible until the barrier takes effect. Despite its effectiveness, the technique comes with the same three obvious drawbacks as Reflect; first and foremost, the barrier is not infinite, and will eventually disperse after some time. Second, the technique puts mental strain on the user, making repeated use unwise. Finally, the biggest weakness is that this technique is set at a specific wavelenth so as to block energy and non-physical attacks; this means that physical attacks are completely unaffected by Light Screen, and pass through it with no trouble. Both Light Screen and Reflect are broken by the technique Brick Break.


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Due to its defensive prowess but noticeable flaws, Light Screen holds a C-Rank.

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