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Light Mobius Future: The Origins
Sonic Team
Julia Finitevus
Release Date
August 14, 2017
Action, Adventure, Platforming, Sci-fi
PlayStation 3
E10 for Everyone 10+
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Cover Art concept... artwork is mine, of course.


Light Mobius Future: The Origins is a single player to multiplayer third person, science fiction role-playing game that takes place about half a year after the Tikhaos attack. Lara-Su the Echidna, daughter of the former Guardian Knuckles, learns the truth about Enerjak's origins and decides to go back in time to eliminate Enerjak before he even comes into existence. Dr. Finitevus interrupts the time traveling process in an attempt to prevent Lara-Su from carrying out her goal. This sends both Echidnas to the time of the Forgotten War, and the two become dragged in the conflict between the Echidna species and Mammoth Mogol. The players themselves are forced to decide whether or not the character they are playing as will help stop Mammoth Mogol... or turn the tables.

Playable Characters

  • Lara-Su the Echidna
  • Dr. Finitevus the Echidna
  • Agaskin the Echidna (Albion Knights of Aurora Leader)
  • Karana-Su the Echidna (Albion Knights of Aurora Second in Command; possibly Lara-Su's ancestor)

Non Playable Characters

Hero Characters

  • Tamara-La the Echidna (third in command)
  • Jewel the Lynx (treasure hunter)
  • Dax the Echidna (master spy, fourth in command)


  • Mammoth Mogul (immortal mammoth, primary villain)
  • Enerjak (secondary villain)
  • Ixis Vale (insane wizard, third villain)
  • Matthias Kintobor (Mammoth Mogol's chief scientist)


Playstation 3 Controls

X Button


Left Analog Stick

Right Analog Stick

Move Character; move objects when using telekinesis

Move Camera

Square Button Charge Attack, Ground Slam, Punch
O Button 

Lara-Su: Telekinesis

Dr. Finitevus: Warp Rings (short range)

Agaskin: Chaos Blast 

Karana-Su: Telekinesis

R1 Button Dodge, Crouch
R1 + R2 Button Slide
Triangle Button Map

Select Button

Party Selection

Start Button

Menu Selection

R2 Button Plow (past enimies), upgraded charge attack

Double tap O button

Group Healing

Tap O Button:                                         Spin Attacks

Tap X Button while in Midair:                                           Homing Attack

SF: R1 + L1:                                             Chaos Beam


  • 1. Lost Colonies
  • 2. Arctic Slopes
  • 3. Albion's Outskirts
  • 4. Desert Trap
  • 5. Mystic Ruins
  • 6. Mysterious Temple
  • 7. Sky Escape
  • 8. Temple of Aurora
  • 9. Trail of Eternity

Cutscene Script- Prior to Role-playing Section of Game

Pre-Lost Colonies:

Lara-Su: Ugh... where am I? (*sits up slowly, looking around at the frozen wasteland surrounding her*) What...?

Dr. Finitevus: Well, well, well! (*Finitevus smirks, watching Lara-Su*) Someone is finally awake!

Lara-Su: You! (*glares at Finitevus, standing up in battle position right away*)

Dr. Finitevus: Child, really, I don't have time for this. (*shakes his head, irritated*) I have a corrupted world to destroy...

Lara-Su: Heck no! (*punches Finitevus, knocking him backwards*) No way I'm letting you destroy my home!

Dr. Finitevus: You're just like your father... (*stands up and gets in battle position*) Ignorant, spoiled little brat!

Lara-Su: Shut up! (*leaps at Finitevus angrily*) You're the spoiled little- (*gets interrupted by Finitevus kicking her in the stomach*)

Dr. Finitevus: Children... so ignorant indeed...

~Cutscene ends and Lost Colonies stage starts~


Post-Lost Colonies:

Lara-Su: Get back here! (*flings boulder at Finitevus using telekinesis and misses*) 

Dr. Finitevus: Too slow! (*uses Warp Ring and appears behind Lara-Su*) And too ignorant! (*kicks at Lara-Su, who dodges*)

Lara-Su: You're the ignorant one! (*uses telekinesis and flings log at Finitevus, who uses a Warp Ring to avoid attack*)

Dr. Finitevus: Pathetic! (*punches Lara-Su in the back*)

Lara-Su: Ow! (*regains balance*) That was pathetic!

Dr. Finitevus: (*smirks*) Arrogant. Just like your father.

Lara-Su: And you're a villain, just like Enerjak! (*throws punch at Finitevus, hitting him in the face*)

Dr. Finitevus: Villain? I'm about to purge this world of it's corrupted inhabitants and you call me the villain... (*stands up and grins*) Child, you're the villain, trying to stop me from doing what's right for this world. Your world. Our world.

Lara-Su: You're sick! (*kicks at Finitevus, who dodges*)

Dr. Finitevus: Typical Guardian...

~Cutscene ends and Arctic Slopes stage starts~


Post-Arctic Slopes:

Dr. Finitevus: You don't give up, do you? (*throws punch at Lara-Su*)

Lara-Su: Nope. (*dodges punch and kicks Finitevus in the stomach*)

Dr. Finitevus: Child, I am really getting tired of this.... (*dodges kick*) And I'm sure you are, too. Besides, if we keep fighting like this, we may not be able to get home....

Lara-Su: If you're about to say we should work together, you're out of your mind. (*punches at Finitevus, who blocks it*)

Dr. Finitevus: Do either of us have much of a choice? I hate the idea as much as you do, but it's either that or we both die in this wasteland fighting each other.

Lara-Su: Why should I trust you?!

Dr. Finitevus: This isn't a matter of trust, Miss Lara-Su, it's a matter of finding a way back home. If you wish to keep fighting, fine with me. But we have everything to lose if we stay here....

Lara-Su: Grrf!.... Fine! But when this is over, I am so kicking your butt and personally throwing you in a cell! (*walks away from Finitevus, then turns around*) Are you coming, Doc?

Dr. Finitevus: Yes, child... (*follows Lara-Su after a moment*)

Lara-Su: Yow! (*points to a city temple on a mountain not far away*) Check out that temple...

Dr. Finitevus: We must not be far from the city of Albion... (*starts running in the direction of the temple*) Well?! Let's go!

~Cutscene ends and Albion's Outskirts stage starts~


Post-Albion's Outskirts:

Lara-Su: What?! (*stops in her tracks, surveying the desert*) We have to go through the desert to get to the city of Albion?!

Dr. Finitevus: Apparently. (*starts walking towards the desert*) Well? Are you coming?

Lara-Su: This is suicidal! (*follows Finitevus*) 

Dr. Finitevus: It's either this or we die without trying to get there. 

Lara-Su: Good point... (*stops for a moment*) You hear something?

Dr. Finitevus: What do you mean? (*stops as well*)

Lara-Su: This way! (*starts running*) I hear something! 

Dr. Finitevus: Lara-Su, wait! (*runs after Lara-Su and grabs her arm*) What exactly do you hear?

Lara-Su: Voices... I think...

Dr. Finitevus: This way. (*pulls Lara-Su in opposite direction*)

Lara-Su: What do you mean?! They're that way! (*points in the direction sounds are coming from*) 

Dr. Finitevus: That's why! Those aren't voices... they're vocalizations of a desert carnivore that is extinct in our time. We've got to go now.... or we're literally dinner.

Lara-Su: How do you know for sure? (*follows Finitevus*)

Dr. Finitevus: Information I collected in my younger years. Now let's go.

~Cutscene ends and Desert Trap stage starts~


Post-Desert Trap:

Lara-Su: Wow... check out that temple! (*points to a huge temple*)

Dr. Finitevus: Common around these parts. (*continues walking, only glancing one at the building*)

Lara-Su: Yeah, but the fact that we're actually seeing it! (*grabs Finitevus's arm and shakes it in excitement*)

Dr. Finitevus: Miss Lara-Su... (*points to a cloaked figure*) We have company.

Lara-Su: Of course... (*looks at figure suspiciously*)

Dr. Finitevus: Who are you?

Figure: I could ask you the same. (*unsheathes sword*) Who are you?

Dr. Finitevus: Typical native...

Lara-Su: Finitevus! (*quickly pulls Finitevus away from figure*) Don't provoke him...

Figure: Insolent intruders! (*leaps at Lara-Su and Finitevus*)

~Cutscene ends and Mystic Ruins stage starts~


Post-Mystic Ruins:

Dr. Finitevus: Oh for crying out loud... typical that we get surrounded. 

Lara-Su: So use one of your Warp Rings! (*tries to pull a Warp Ring of Finitevus's arm bracer*)

Dr. Finitevus: And permanently alter reality to the point of it being unrecognizable? No. (*pulls away from Lara-Su*) This requires... finesse.

Lara-Su: As if you had any. (*crosses arms and frowns*)

Dr. Finitevus: Why were you trying to kill us?

Figure 1: I have a better question. What were you doing in our city?

Dr. Finitevus: Trying to find a way home. (*frowns somewhat*)

Figure 2: We should carve 'em up and sell their livers for a high price! (*brandishes sabre*)

Lara-Su: Ew. 

Figure 2: Maybe sell their gallbladders too.

Dr. Finitevus: People, there's no reason to turn us into sushi. We're just trying to get back home. That's all.

Figure 1: Why should we believe you?

Lara-Su: Good question.

~ Role-playing part of the game begins.


  • The game was originally to be a fixed storyline, but where's the fun in that?
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