The Light Guardians are a secret organization chosen to defend time and space from evil.


The origin of the Light Guardians is lost to time. Not even the Supreme Commander knows how they came into being. All they know is that they were chosen by some seemingly divine force to protect this dimension from the evil that threatens time and space. To put it in few words what they are, they are peacekeepers and protectors.

The oldest known Supreme Commander was a Kron named Kagnorn the Just, who fought for truth and justice on his homeworld, and was selected by an even older, yet forgotten, Supreme Commander to join the ranks.

A later Supreme Commander, a hedgehog by the name of Kalliango the Benevolent, was the father of Umbra the Hedgehog, and was reputed to have successfully defended Sanghelios, which was at war with the Garnzief Zoah, by offering a peace treaty between the Sangheili and the Garnzief faction of Zoah.

The current Supreme Commander, Cansus the Wise, is a Vulcan that gave the Guardians a more philosophical and logical outlook on the universe. He is still a fierce fighter when the situation demands it.

Traits and Common Abilities

The Light Guardians act in secret, with almost no one on the planet an agent guards knowing what they are actually doing. Unfortunately, after a time, the assigned Guardian will be discovered, and the population may become reliant on the Guardian, which is exactly what the organization does not want. The power of a Guardian is their ability to bend and generate light at will, which is also known as "photokinesis". This ability also enables them to do many things with light, including holographic projections, chameleon-esque camoflauge, and even solidification of light and focusing light into a cutting/burning laserlight. Because many different species are members of the organization, some members have abilities that others do not, such as spin attacks for the Hedgehogs, Echidnas, and other anthropomorphic animals of Earth, and extra thick skin for the Kron species. During open-armed conflict, the Light Guardians often form teams of various different types of agents to enable them to handle any threats they come across. They all share a common weakness, however; Shadow-based attacks are especially dangerous to them, and can even be fatal, even to the agents that are of the Kron species.


The location of their headquarters is unknown. No one outside the organization knows what it looks like. This may be because the organization gains as many enemies as they gain allies, but no one knows for sure.

Known Members

Supreme Commander

  • Cansus the Wise (current)
  • Kagnorn the Just (first known SC; deceased)
  • Kalliango the Benevolent (deceased)


Relations with Other Organizations

Sangheilian Government

Thanks to the actions of Kalliango the Benevolent, the Light Guardians are on good terms with the government of Sanghelios. They trade goods, but as with everyone else, the Sangheili never actually go to the headquarters.

Garnzief Faction

The Garnzief Zoah are allied with the Guardians, courtesy of Kalliango the Benevolent. Like the Sangheili, this group trades goods with the Light Guardians.

Guardian Units of Nations

The Light Guardians do not currently have connections with G.U.N., however, the Guardians are aware of G.U.N.'s existence and M.O., which is somewhat similar to their own.

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