The light gate is actually a bit bland. Trust me, you'll see.


This move is bland. I believe it's been done already. Basically, the user flies into the sky, then expels many explosive lasers of light energy onto the ground below. The explosions themselves are rather small, no larger than a SUV. However, unlike the other Gate techniques, there are two versions. The one described above is when the symbol and emotion are used. The other is activated when only one or neither are present. The user surrounds themselves with a bright light and then spindashes/homing attacks a foe at warp speed, creating an explosion of light energy upon impact that is just as damaging as the normal attack itself.


  • Devi "Delross" Devilian
  • Reflex Stutrai (Taught through study of Col'nesian texts)

Method of Learning

Same as all the others


Far as I know, there aren't any other variants of either version of this technique. But if there is, please post it here.

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