The Liesmith-class Heavy Mech is a skirmisher-type attack walker produced by Hammerforge Industries as a fairly fearsome combatant and a better example of their rapid build alteration system.

Liesmith-class Heavy Mech

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Standard VariantLSM-PRIME
ClassAttack Walker - heavy grade
Technical Information
Weight65 tonnes
Maximum Speed85kph
  • Nine extended-range medium grade laser cannons
  • Three ER Medium Lasers in each arm
  • Three ER Medium lasers in the left torso
  • Medium-range missile 10-pack launcher on right shoulder
  • One tonne of ammunition
  • Pilot (1)
  • Skirmisher
  • Fast-attack
Varied, available for sale
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

While Ronan himself had supervised the development of many of the previous Battlemech designs out of Hammerforge, one of the key things that he noted was that many of these designs were optimized for Col'nesia, rather than Mobian terrains. Few places in Mobius got as cold as Col'nesia, so designs optimized around flamethrowers or plasma weaponry weren't as specialized. Similarly, Col'nesian technicians were equally skilled at making things colder as they were heating things up. By his logic, the key thing preventing them from landing sales was that lack of specialization. As such, with a hand-picked team, they began to work on a new design, working with the project codename Trickster.

The results of Project: Trickster came in the form of a vaguely humanoid mech, sitting heavier than the Blackvein that preceded it. While the export variant of the Blackvein could hit targets over a far larger range, the new Liesmith was far more powerful in a mid-range fire bracket, trading off speed and armor for more weapons and the ability to keep all those weapons running cold. However, to the surprise of many potential investors, these mechs were easy to maintain and remarkably fast to refit and repair; utilizing a pod-based system very similar to Hammerforge spacecraft. While they were quick to incorporate examples of these mechs into their military systems, many of them were clearly bound for the export markets.


Standing tall at sixty-five tonnes, the Liesmith-class Heavy Mech is a very heavy hitter in combat ranges of 500m and shorter in the PRIME configuration. With a lightweight Mega Coal reactor in the chest capable of propelling the mech at up to 85kph with little effort even with all guns firing, the Liesmith-PRIME carries a surprisingly large array of medium-grade laser cannons - nine of them; in fact. Each of these lasers is optimized for longer ranges than normal, though this means more energy wasted as heat and a longer burn time as a result. With three lasers mounted in each arm and three in the torso, there is always a considerable amount of firepower pointed towards the enemy. Once ranges close to around 450 meters, the medium-range missile battery is also capable of bringing damage to the fray. With only a tonne of reloads, combined with the fact that each trigger pull on the missile launcher throws ten unguided missiles towards the target, this launcher is less commonly used. Finally, topping off the equipment carried by this variant, the Liesmith-PRIME packs an advanced sensor system into the head, helping to locate targets.

The tradeoff for the speed and firepower carried was a fairly considerable one, however. For a vehicle that weighs more than sixty tonnes, there is really only eight tonnes of armor coating the entire mech. Typically, this is heavy enough to resist all but the most focused amount of anti-infantry fire, but most anti-armor weapons can easily punch through the metal plating like paper. This keeps the Liesmith as a skirmish assailant rather than a front-line tank, assisting teammates by flanking or ambushing enemies rather than spearheading the assault themselves.


Stock Production Variants

Specialized Variants

Experimental Variants

Custom Variants

Steel Fist

Owned and operated by the Borderless Deliveries operations by the pilot Lois Furr; the Steel Fist has had most of the combat power removed. Instead, it carries only four of the ER Medium Lasers as a defensive system. Instead; this has been turned into a one-of-a-kind delivery vehicle; designed to transport VIPs or important cargo through blockades or onto the front lines.

While it has armament comparable to a light mech, the heavy armor is joined by an insulated two-person transport capsule and a two-tonne cargo bay, as well as a surprisingly long jump range thanks to a gamut of jump jets mounted to the legs and lower back. Finally; an artificial muscle override system allows the mech to push 100kph for bursts of up to a minute, long enough to help evade fire. The pilot has been known to utilize the light armament and rapid speeds of this mech to achieve rather impressive results; and it is said that Hammerforge is monitoring it for future design ideas.

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