In CyotheLion's and ScottishArtGuy's stories, Lien-Da is the lover of Crimson the Echidna and a antagonist of the Stories Brainwashed Cyo and a secondary antagonist of Terror of Crimson.


Her origin is much like her archie counterpart but at some point in life she met Crimson and corrupted her half sister Julie-Su into their side. After Crimson and Julie-Su attacked the Sonic team and kidnapped Cyo the Lion at one point, She and Crimson joined forces with Eggman to then help him brainwash his once test subject Cyo.

But much later when Sonic, Amy and Tails got the anti-virus to cure Cyo from his virus, Crimson was critically injured during his fight with Sonic by getting doused by liquid unstable artificial chaos energy. When Lien found him he brought him to the splitted Antis where Miles Prower (Anti-Tails) helped turning Crimson into a cyborg. The operation was a success and Lien-Da joined the antis with her lover Crimson became the new leaders of the Antis converting the team to the New Destructixs.

A few weeks later, Lien-Da went to Kenya to steal Cyo's parts in order to improve Crimson's weapons. She instead fought Cyo's father Umeme. She was getting the upper hand when Cyo came out and fought her. She eventually surrendered but not before swearing she will get his parts in a other way.

Much later She and the Destructixs attacked Soleanna to terrorize the city's citizens using her electric whips and to torment Princess Elise in order to get The Sonic Team's attention. The fight broke out with the destructixs fighting the Sonic team while Sonic fought Crimson. As soon the Sonic team figured out Crimson's weakspots, she and the destructixs retreated after Crimson managed to injure Sonic.

The next chapter reveals that she and Crimson has at least gotten a baby named Rutna.

After Crimson received a new armor, Lien was involved in the plan to let Crimson break Tails' back. The plan was a success with Sonic getting very heartbroken over his brother figure injury, but she didn't count on Nebula and Selene using their healing powers to help him recover faster than a normal broken spine would take time.

When she plans to replace a member of the Destructixs with her half sister Julie-Su, Fiona was picked and thrown out of the team resulting in the vixen's reformation to the Sonic Team. As Crimson began his plan on invading Angel Island, Julie-Su objected that Fiona knows their plan but Crimson assured that both Lien and Julie will fight together like sisters.

As of the Ebony Rogues freeing Agent Shinu and serial killer Rasna the Cobra to join their team, Lien-Da with the Destructixs prepared their attack at Angel Island leaving her daughter Rutna under someone's care. As they arrived at the island, she, a rebuilt Metal Scourge and Crimson got into the Hidden Palace under the floating island to get the Master emerald. After Knuckles refused to join them, Crimson fought him and Sonic while Lien-Da in turn fights Amy Rose as Nebula and Shadow fights Metal Scourge.

Lien-Da's fight with Amy was very intense with her using her electric whip against Amy and broke her hammer during the battle, she then ensnared the pink hedgehog to electrocute her, but Amy with all her strength broke free punching Lien-Da in the face and took the whip to break the handle forcing Lien to fight in physical combat. The fight didn't last long when Amy managed to tear off her cybernetic dreadlock and knock her out before tying her.

After the final battle where Crimson finally died by all physical abuse and abuse of chaos energy of his energy core being cracked open, Lien-Da swore revenge on Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Tails and Cyo. She was eventually brought to G.U.N prison.


  • This version of Lien-Da has no other mechanical enhancements to conjure lightnings.
  • Her daughter Rutna's name is a anagram of her Light Mobius self's son Rutan.


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