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Lien-Da to King Shadow, Shadow of Darkness

Lien-Da is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave, debuting in Hunt for the Lost Pack, and returning as a secondary antagonist in Aftermath of War and the Storm of Shadows Trilogy. She is the Kommissar and later Grandmaster(after Dimitri's arrest) of the Dark Legion, and also a strong supporter of King Shadow because of the black hedgehog's opposition of the warriors.


Lien-Da retains her appearance from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics released in the US.


Lien-Da retains her personality from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics released in the US.

Being apart of the Dark Legion, Lien-Da has no love for the warriors, and her only concerns seem to be the welfare of her followers, and her own quest for power. Because of this, she does not care for anyone outside the Legion, outside of Shadow and, for a while, Infinite. She also has no regard for any injured, sick, or young people, and proved this by happily threatening Stripe when a raiding party of warriors tried to reclaim their Base in Shadow of Darkness, and taking obvious enjoyment out of Percy's fear when the pup was kidnapped. She also blatantly disrespects the warriors and the Wandering Wolves, calling them all "uncivilized brutes", which has drawn the ire of both.


In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The War of Time(story)/Storm's War: Though she does not appear, Lien-Da had temporarily aligned with Dr. Finitevus with the hopes of crushing Eggman and the Dingoes, though she and the amnesiac Remington both went back on this when Finitevus made his true intentions clear.

The War of Darkness(arc):

Tide of War: Though she does not appear, Lien-Da is apart of the Legion when they help the Iron Dominion attempt to take over Lamarkie Village, and flees with the Legion when the Dominion are defeated in the Battle of Lamarkie and Dimitri is arrested with the other leaders.

The Phantom Storm:

Hunt for the Lost Pack: Lien-Da makes her first true appearance in this story, when she makes an alliance with Infinite, who helps her capture the Wandering Wolves in an attempt to lure some warriors away and get help to free Finitevus(as Infinite had found some use out of the doctor). This ultimately fails, though she flees with the Legion once more, denouncing Infinite when he is defeated and flees on his own.

Storm of Shadows:

Aftermath of War: Lien-Da appears very late into the story when King Shadow returns to the Wandering Wolves after having to be kicked out when his allotted one moon(month) with the Pack ends. Eager to get payback for the Wolves' involvement in the Battle for Stalagmite 17, Lien-Da is all too happy to have the Legion round up and capture the Wolves, though Ash and Percy escape.

Shadow of Time: TBA

Shadow of Darkness: TBA

Shadow of the Storm: TBA


Despite not being seen in combat until Shadow of Time, Lien-Da is apparently somewhat physically strong, as she is able to take on a fury-blind Austin, who is much larger and heavier than her.




King Shadow

How they met is exactly unknown, but Lien-Da was eager to go with Shadow against the Wandering Wolves due to what she perceived to be her humiliation because of their involvement in the Battle for Stalagmite 17

The Wandering Wolf Pack

Lien-Da does not think very highly of the Pack, calling them a group of uncivilized brutes(which deeply offends them), and does not understand why Ash, Vernon, Arrow, and Christopher would choose to stay with them(unaware that Ash was born in the Pack).

The Red Fox Pack

Similarly to the Wandering Wolves, Lien-Da doesn't think very highly of the Red Foxes, though this is due to the Fox Pack's history of constant clashes with the Dark Legion and the various fox deaths caused by Legionnaires(namely Darkfoot and Raymond)

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