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Also known as
AI holographic program
3 ft. 2 in.
New Mobotropolis
3237 (Archie Comics year)/May 23, 2011
Pretty things, friends, games, Dimitri, exploring, puzzles, math
Judgmental people, destruction, insults towards anyone

Lien-DOS is a holographic program that takes the form of an echidna. She was created by Dimitri as an assistant after Lien-Da betrayed him. She developed a personality of her own and a desire to explore the world. She lives with Dimitri in Haven, helping him repair it.


Lien-DOS is loyal and helpful, trying to do whatever she can to help her allies. She was programmed to be very polite, and will call new acquaintances "Mr." and "Ms." She is also excitable and sees everything with a sense of wonder, especially since she is new to the world. She wants to befriend everyone. She is sometimes naive and has an innocence about her. There are many concepts she doesn't understand and has a tendency to take things literally. Despite all this, she is still a computer and will on occasions ramble off a bunch of statistics. She is actively learning and thus her speech is a mix of strict computer-like speech and of casual speech she has picked up from others.

Physical Characteristics


Despite being artificial and made up of nanites, Lien-DOS is pretty realistic looking. She takes the form of a light red female echidna. She has light blue almost lavender eyes. Unlike other echidnas however, her dreadlocks start on the top of her head rather than the side.


Lien-DOS's form wears a simple yet sophisticated dark purple sleeveless dress. She never wears shoes.


Lien-DOS stands very calm and gentle, with a kind look on her face. She usually has her hands folded politely in front of her or behind her back. She stands very straight and proper, but sometimes when she gets excited she'll start jumping up and down.


Although she is a hologram, Lien-DOS is solid and able to manipulate objects since she is made up of nanites. This is similar to the way NICOLE is (or the Doctor on Star Trek). Also, she is able to use her nanites to create shields and the like. However, while NICOLE has a whole city of nanites, Lien-DOS only has those that make up herself, so she must use part of her form to make the shields. Her nanites are tightly compacted however, so she has many of them. She is able to disperse her nanites into a cloud to avoid hits.

Her base transmitter is with Dimitri but she is able to use other transmitters as bridges to boost her signal so she can be in most places. But she can't be anywhere with no technology nearby or where it is blocked.

She is able to interface with most computers and even control certain technology.

She is also able to fly through the air at high speeds.

She has advanced scanners, especially tailored to health diagnostics.

Being a computer she can perform advanced math calculations in an instant.



After Lien-Da betrayed him and he was rescued by Sonic and Tails, Dimitri decided to program an AI to assist him. He did it during his time at the Science Center in New Mobotropolis. He named her "Lien-DOS" after Lien-Da. Lien-DOS was especially designed to prevent the "box incident" from ever happening again. Dimitri began planning her while he was still trapped in the box. He then spent most of his time at the New Mobotropolis science center programming and designing her. NICOLE loaned some of her nanite technology to the project.


When Lien-DOS was first created she lived exclusively at the science center helping Dimitri. However, she was curious about everything and strongly desired to go out and see the world, so Dimitri set up her ability to use other technology as bridges so her signal would be strong enough that she could leave the center. She has gone out on her own as well as with Dimitri and Luger, meeting new people and having new adventures. These included going to her first Christmas party, a night club, and going to the Chaos Hotel with Dimitri. She also helped Roy retrieve the life emerald after it had been stolen, and was also involved in the search of the eighth chaos emerald. Later, she went with the others to Planet Q to stop the invasion. She was one of the people trying to solve the mystery of several super powered meteors that crashed to the planet one night, as well as the robots that will stop at nothing to get them. She helped Blizzard prepare a Christmas party in Glacier Plains.


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Dimitri is her creator and, being programmed to assist him she remains loyal to him. He tends to be very protective of her.


Living in New Mobotropolis, Lien-DOS sees NICOLE frequently and is friends with her since they have a lot in common.

Moon the Echidna

Lien-DOS and Moon are good friends and "gal-pals" of sorts. Lien-DOS tries to encourage Moon to have fun.

Roleplay Appearances

Christmas Morning

Lien-DOS showed up to the Christmas party, excited about it being her first Christmas. She ended up meeting several new friends including Jack and Patricia.

The Quest for The Life Emerald

Lien-DOS watched as a few people argued with Gavin, the very stubborn guardian of the life emerald. Gavin was convinced they were trying to steal it. Lien-DOS tried to talk to him but he reacted violently but throwing a knife at her. Fortunately being a hologram she was able to phase through the attack. She then befriended Roy.

The Quest for The Life Emerald continues

In this Rp Lien-DOS had another run in with Gavin, but this time someone really did steal the emerald. She ends up going on a quest with several other heroes to find the emerald and figure out who stole it.

Chaos Hotel

Lien-DOS accompanies Dimitri to stay at the Chao Hotel. There she encounters many new and strange things and people including a drunk guy, a time traveller, and villains blowing holes in the roof. She goes to a party and discovers how much she enjoys dancing. Later a confrontation between Turbo and a strange "Shroud" almost disables her. Afterwards she helps Dimitri by scanning the scene for energies. Everything calmed down for awhile and Lien-DOS even went on a date with Jimmy Canvas.

Quest for the Emerald

Lien-DOS helps in the search for the elusive eighth chaos emerald, which they must find before Hade and the other villains do. When they're new friend Lucas was mind controlled and some others started attacking him, she insisted that he stop. She actually impressed Hade by confusing one of his missiles by dispersing herself.

Attack of the Q

Lien-DOS helped combat the invasion of the Q and was able to help out with the information she had in her file as well as with her scanners. She also became friends with Jesse.

A Meteor Story

Lien-DOS awake one morning to a multitude of strange readings caused by the strange meteor shower the night before. While analyzing these readings she heads outside and runs into Alasdair who informs her that the strange bracelet on his wrist is one of those meteors. She is amazed by the bracelet, especially so after it sucks up a dust storm. But then a group of robots shows up wanting Alasdair's bracelet. They attack him and Lien-DOS as well, and she does what she can in defense.

Countdown to Christmas

In this Rp Lien-DOS meets Blizzard and helps him set up the many things needed for his Christmas party.

The Nightfall Incident

When a mysterious hacker attempted to destroy the internet, Lien-DOS transported a group of heroes inside the digital world in order to stop them. She went along with them and was able to explain and scan things, decrypt signatures, and the like.



~"I was programmed with advanced scanners, especially with regards to health diagnostics. For example I know that Mr. Leo's pulse raises whenever we mention Savannah." - (Chaos Hotel)

~"Oh no, how could they destroy this lovely hotel?" - (Chaos Hotel)

~"He certainly doesn't seem happy!" Said when meeting Mr. Happy Face (Quest for the Emerald)

~"There's some sort of strange residue in his cuts I've never seen before." - (Attack of the Q)

~"Well, I don't have sufficient data for this calculation but I'll try. Are you going to have a baby?" - When Jesse asked her to guess his good news (Countdown to Christmas)

~"No one's going to harm you here, we wish to help!" - (Countdown to Christmas)

~"The preparations are complete, Dimitri. I can begin the transfer at any time." - (The Nightfall Incident)

~"The definition I have is that it is a small bitmap image, often used in games." - Lien-DOS's response to Maya asking what a sprite was. (The Nightfall Incident)


  • Lien-DOS's name is a pun on MS-DOS and the other DOS operating systems. In her case, DOS stands for Dimitri's Operating System.
  • Her background is heavily based on the current Archie comics, so if you've read those it'll make more since.
  • She was created around the events of comics #221 and #222 in responses to the events of comic #206.
  • Lien-DOS is the star of Maryxgil's first real hack, Lien-DOS in Sonic 1.
  • Lien-DOS's theme is I Can't Wait by Hilary Duff
  • Dimitri does not allow Lien-DOS to connect to the internet or go into casinos.


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