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When Lidoran was a child, he was a thin thorndrigan with a violet skin. He also viridian hair with brown short buds on his head. His eyes have blue pupils and he wears a purple cloak. When he was a young adult, his buds are now half-sized.

When he became a mutant, his skin was more plant-like with oxford blue color and his eyes were neon cyan and lost his pupils. He also lost all the hair and his umber-colored buds are broken. And he is now wearing an eigengrau vest.

After consuming the Solar Blade that was destroyed, his eyes are now glowing green.

When he becomes in Super State, his eyes are now pale green and his skin and his vest turn green with Light green aura around him. He also has his antlers grown.


Lidoran was a kind and friendly thorndrigan with faith and does help his friends and his sisters, especially with compassion. He's also protective towards her sisters, the environment and the Chao and was showing some bold mood when there's a danger.

He can also be cheerful and sometimes with a bit of enthusiasm as he had a fond of Chao, but he's also embarrassed or annoyed sometimes by his siblings while he still cares about them despite what they teased him, and he also gets a bit of cowardly with embarrassment sometimes when his siblings scold him. He can also be a comedian too, especially when he too teases his siblings sometimes, but mostly to his enemies, even his arch-nemesis: Doctor ChromeSkull.

He was also smart and serious too when it comes to good leadership. He understands where danger lurks and does his best to protect the innocent. He was a disciplined warrior sometimes and also honorable and noble too and he'll do anything what's right for nature and Mobius.

But he also shows anger when his friends, his family or the Chao were either injured or killed and that the environment is dying. He couldn't forgive those who did this, and especially for Dr. ChromeSkull which he nearly forgets what he himself has become.

He was also naive, however. He didn't want to hurt anyone who was mind controlled or anyone who is framed or had a vigilant mood. He also understood that sometimes enemies like Fiona Fox do need a change of heart. He also pleads enemies who once betrayed them or feeling emotional about something to join them and convince them that it's not too late.



Lidoran was born on a planet called: Green Gate as a boy who lived with his mother: Earthia, his father: Lucas, his older sister: Galaxina, and his oldest brother: Marsatan/Velen. when he was 4, the war has begun and he decided to leave his brother behind after refusing to join his father with his madness during his thirst for power to continue the war and instead travel with his mother & his sisters.


After Cosmo was born, he was thrown off from space to Earth after the explosion knocked him out of the ship during the Metarex attack and was found and befriended by humans. But after the accident and with humans inside the lab are gone, he survived the explosion, but suddenly turned into a mutant and gained new powers.

Sonic Advance 2 Fan Made expansion story

He was still out cold when a human organic mad scientist: Dr. ChromeSkull found him, he brainwashed him with the help of Dr. Eggman to rule the Universe. However, after Sonic and his friends freed Lidoran from control, they became friends and they started a new adventure with his other new friends in Lidoran's own group called: The Guardian Freedom Fighters, and his new weapon: The Solar Blade, to fight against evil like Dr. Eggman and especially the now resurrected robot: Dr. ChromeSkull.


After Cosmo and Galaxina were reborn since the Metarex War was over, Lidoran had to face a new threat like the demonic army called: “The Fallen Order” under the leadership of the dark lord: “Ganfanos”. A few events later, he faced the monstrous fel ent who overpowers Lidoran and destroyed his weapon. But later after confronting him one last time just before the ent could make a final move, Lidoran’s eyes turn neon green and gained his solar energy bladed construction abilities with blade techniques as well.


  • The Solar Blade (Formerly)

A solar energy laser sword with a nature-made handle that can only be turned on when concentrating after being connected to its owner.

While in super form, he can make his sword's knife much bigger using solar energy he was harnessing. The handle has a different appearance too.

Unfortunately, during the battle against the evil monstrous life-draining ent, his handle was destroyed and the Solar Blade was no more.


While being Mutated:

He has the ability to generate plant tentacles from his whole body. After his sword was destroyed, he later gains his Chlorokinetic Organic Construct Abilities when he was forced to consume his pieces of the Solar Blade inside his body which moments later at the last stand against the ent after he was injured again just before the monster can finish him off, he begins to construct his organic energy bladed weapons with solar power thanks to the sun.

  • Healing Factor

Since he became mutated, he gains the healing factor.

While in Super Form:

  • All of his powers are enhanced.
  • Invulnerability


While being mutated:

  • Super Strength

While in a Super State:

  • All of his abilities are enhanced.
  • Flight


  • Acrobatic
  • Leadership
  • Flexibility
  • Sword techniques (Formerly)
  • Blade techniques
  • Chosen to the weapon

While in his Super State:

  • All of his skills are enhanced.


  • Super Lidoran

Just like Sonic, Shadow, and Silver, he can also turn super with the power of seven Chaos Emeralds.


He has a fear of ghosts sometimes and does suffer when trees are dying or caught in a fire like fire was his weakness too. He can also be weakened by Elephant trumpeting (Similar to the soundwaves that weakens the Symbiotes like Venom.) He also forced to surrender to the enemies after they threaten to harm his friends and his family, even the Chao. He also dislikes fighting girls, especially when they were enemies.

In his Super State, he takes risks since this form may consume energy.

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