A group of thieves in close ties with Ava the Ermine. They are skillful as thieves who steal, asssinate, or aid for the sake of freedom of the people. While they believe in government they believe in a righteous one without corruption.

Codes of Liberty Thieves

These are the "commandments" of the Liberty thieves. They must abide by these rules or risk being punished.

  • Forsake his relatives—father, brothers, sisters unless they themselves are/were thieves
  • Not have a family of his own—no wife, no children; this does not however, preclude him from having a lover.
  • Never, under any circumstances, work, no matter how much difficulty this brings; live only on means gleaned from theft or gambling. However in such cases where working would grant one access to more information (I.E. Sister Teresa) then it is allowed.
  • Help other thieves—both by moral and material support, utilizing the commune of thieves.
  • Keep secret information about the whereabouts of accomplices (i.e. dens, districts, hideouts, safe apartments, etc.).
  • In unavoidable situations (if a thief is under investigation) to take the blame for someone else's crime; this buys the other person time of freedom.
  • Demand a convocation of inquiry for the purpose of resolving disputes in the event of a conflict between oneself and other thieves, or between thieves.
  • If necessary, participate in such inquiries.
  • Carry out the punishment of the offending thief as decided by the convocation.
  • Not resist carrying out the decision of punishing the offending thief who is found guilty, with punishment determined by the convocation.
  • Not gamble without being able to cover losses.
  • Teach the trade to young beginners.
  • Have, if possible, informants from the rank and file of thieves.
  • Not lose your reasoning ability when using alcohol.
  • Not take weapons from the hands of authorities; not serve in the military.
  • Make good on promises given to other thieves.


All of the thieves are different in level and number of abilities. Most however are good at climbing able to scale large buildings(kingdoms, churches, etc.) in a matter of seconds. Also some are good at digging underground routes. Some thieves also have to scout ahead due to good eyesight. Some thieves are educated hwile others are not. They all however are capable of understanding, learning, and even memorizing the surrounding area. They also are quick on their feet able to make escape routes on short notice. They can distract gurads when nessacarry for Ava or anyone else who may hire them. Thieves can loot people without them even knowing. They can bump into people or give them a hand shake so as to take something from them. Pickpocketing, climbing, digging, scouting, eavesdropping, assinations, etc. are all qualities met by the thieves.


Angelo the Rat

The leader of the thieves. He is a highly educated man. He is very wise and is in his late 30's. He is able to come up with multiple plans for multiple situations. He however likes to take his tiem in coming up with plans. He likes to spend at least 2 weeks preparing for the mission. His plans are usually always effective, and if they happen to backfire he will come up with a new one. He is very crafty. With Ava and his thieves supporting him, Angelo is a very powerful man. However he is almost never seen doing the missions unless they require some one with near perfect skill or unless they require his direct attention.

Rosa the Ferret

A very beautiful young girl. She is around 19, and was orphaned years ago at the age of 14. After witnessing her parents death in a public showing Rosa fled, and escape dthe guards. She was however seriously wounded. She passed out from a loss of blood. When she awoke she was with the thieves. They taught her the skills she would need to be successful in the business. She happily agreed, and swore to protect the innocent people. She also created the gap jump which required the person climbing to thrust themselves up using their own body weight as a boost and then use there chest, shoulders, and hands to hold onto the platform. This allowed for quicker jumping time as well as easier access when there are large gappes between windows, platforms, or anything else on the buildings. She is now a very skilled thief. It is believd she has a crush on Ezio or Leonardo.

Cecilio the Rat

He is the gay son of Antonio. He is 17 and an excellent thief. He was trained by his fatehr at an early age. Cecilio was looked down upon because Angelo broke the code, and had a family. However Angelo argued that a deceased thief Rafael Leopard had a daughter, and promised to turn her into thief. Angelo did the same, and crafted his son into a great thief. Cecilio is often the subject of jokes due to his sexual preference, but he is always quick to make a remark. He usually makes fun of the thieves for their lack of education. He and the other thieves however see each otehr as family no matter how many times they make fun of each other.

"Sister" Teresa the Rabbit

Teresa is also a thief. She is intrestingly a nun as well. While Teresa is a firm believer of God, she also believes that if God was against what she was doing then he would have killed her a long time ago. She usually collects information from important figures as she has close ties to the political and religious social groups.

Piper the Fox

A Young thief. He is only ten years old. However being an orphan he had to grow up pretty fast. He only recently joined the thieves, but they could see he was skilled. They don't give him much work besides earning extra money for the group. They want him to have time to be a child so he isn't immature at a more crucial age. Piper can be seen roaming cities maping out the areas or stealing money and/or food. He also sees Rosa as an older sister because she knows what he goes through.

Leonardo Carmichael II

Another thief. He was a young noblemen and his family was one of the most powerful of the land. However another corrupted family assassinated all of Leonardo's family. Leonardo fled from the land as he was now a wanted man. He had heard tales of The Liberty Thieves rebuildign cities by dealing with corrupt officials. Leonardo soo after joined there ranks. He however is still in-expierenced and usually aids Angelo in making plans because he is also educated. He seems to have a crush on Rosa, finding Ezio a rival.

Lamual the Lizard

Lamual is a very quite thief. He keeps to himself usually reading a book. He is somewhat educated. He is a thief and assassin though he is a better thief. He can be very cold and calculating when it comes to goverment assinations. This could imply that he was hurt by a corrupt government.

Delphina the Leopard

Her father is the now deceased thief Rafael. She is an average thief. However she is often sadened because she can not live up to her father's name. Her father was as great a thief as Angelo, and Angelo and Rafael were best friends. Angelo now takes care of Delphina however she is 18 now so she can take care of herself. She is very skilled in a number of instruments. Her main ones however are the flute and fiddle. She can be seen at night on a rofftop looking up at the stars playing her music.

Claudia the Eagle

Claudia is the younger sister of Ezio. She usually stays with the thieves while her brother onyl works with them sometimes. She usually is a scout. She can help get a better understanding for the area. As well she can eavesdrop due to her excellent hearing, and eyesight. She isn't a very good climber because she has no need for it.

Ezio the Eagle

The older brother of Claudia, Ezio is barerly considered a member. He helps the thieves sometimes however he usually roams alone. He isn't a thief and has very little skills when it comes to it. He is an assassin. However he will help the thieves in debt for letting his sister stay with them. Ezio will also help the thieves when they share a common goal. Ezio is as good a climber as Angelo and Rosa. Ezio like his sister can fly, has excellent hearing, and can see many miles ahead. Ezio is also quite the charmer, and often ends up with women hanging all over him. He is very kind to all women and treats them with the utmost respect. Ezio is a rival to Leonardo(for his possible romantic intrest in Rosa) and Antonio (because they are alike in many ways).

Antonio "Tony" the Raccoon

Tony is the rival of Ezio. While he is nowhere near as good of a climber or assassin as Ezio, he is a better thief. While Ezio treats women with respect, Tony is very chauvinistic. He treats women as meat, and believes he is the ultimate ladies man. Liek Ezio he does have many women who like him. Antonio and Ezio have a friendly rivalry. They oftend compete to see who girls like more with it always ending in a tie.

Dafne the Wolf

A young girl who is deeply in love with Antonio (though he rarely notices her). She handles the groups finances as well as taking care of the chores. She believes that women are inferior to men, adn that a women's place is in the kitchen. She likes to please people by doing chores or making a nice meal. She is a kind young women who is looked after liek a daughter by Sister Teresa.

Stefan the Weasel

Stefan possibly from a mutation (similar to Tails) is a very short creature. He is so short that he almost appears to be non anthropromorphic. However just aske him something, and you'll find his mouth won't stop. Stefan is a great thief due to his small stature. However he sees himself as the best thief, a world class hero, a ladies man, and the best looking person on the planet. However he is often belittled (especially by Rosa) because of his size. His loud and in your face attitude can get himself and anyone with him into trouble.

Osvaldo the Duck

A younger inventor. He usually helps make things that the group needs. He is very educated in science and math. However because he refuses to get glasses he can't read. So he has his own assistant Rodrigo. The two are pretty much comic relief as Rodrigo isn't all that bright. Howeevr Osvaldo always manages to do what he has to do.

Common Thieves

These thieves can be hired (mainly by Ezio or Ava) to help. They have all the same abilities as Angelo, Rosa, etc. They are skilled climbers. However they don't like to get wet or take water routes because it can leave trails and weigh them down. They can make use of their surroundings, and are very quick on their feet. Common thieves are very handy to lure away guards.


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