Theme Songs
Current(1st Opening)
Esperanto (Megaman Zero 4)
3 Years Later (2nd Opening)
Esperanto (Mythos Version)
Current (1st Ending)
Promise: Next New World (Megaman Zero 4)
3 Years Later (2nd Ending)
Freesia (Megaman Zero 4)

Libertes Mobius is a fanstory that began around late 2010 - early 2011 and is written by ChaoSBounD. It has many references to the Sonic Archie, Megaman Zero, EarthBound, and other influences that help build the fanstory. For some reason, it has themes of various songs for readers to get a deep grasp of the fanstory and it may be possible if it gets turned into an audio series on Youtube, such as the fanstory, Sonic: Letting Go Of Hope.

Its main theme is Esperanto and its closing theme is Freesia, both of which from the Megaman Zero 4 game.


A New World..A New Beginning..

Will, a former Chosen from another dimension, awakens one day in a world different than his own, not knowing about this strange new world that has been populated with a species that are called Mobians, who had been for decades struggling in the war against the notorius Dr. Eggman and his army, along with Ixis and over variants.

While remembering events of the past, Will must put together the pieces of his past and somehow connect it with many old and new questions that has been left unanswered, such as the fate of his family and friends, his purpose, and many more. Can he make it? Only time..will tell!


Known Main Characters

Known Side (Influencial) Characters

Possible Side (Influencial) Characters

Minor Characters

  • Vanilla the Rabbit
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Houston (Kimmy's foster father - possibly deceased)
  • Keith Heritson (Will's father - deceased)
  • Lewis Heritson (Will's younger brother)
  • Elizabeth Heritson (Will's younger sister)
  • Lee "Ryuji" Inochosama (Will's old friend)
  • Charmy Bee
  • Knuckles the Echidna

Known Arcs and their Timelines

Noble Begginings Arc

Time: Year 3237 (Several months after the Iron Domain Saga)

Longitivity: Prologue [1 Part] - Chapter 1 [7-8? Parts] - Chapter 2

Description: This arc introduces and is the translation arc from Earth (Gaia Dimension) to Mobius (Chaos Dimension) in Will partakes in after being defeated by the Xorda. This is the arc where he has first encounters with Marcus, the Mobians, Lien-Da the Echidna and the D.E.L. as well as several Resistance groups such as the Chaotix and the Freedom Fighters (most notiably the Knothole faction). Also, this is where Kimmy meets Will again but is surprised that he's different that he somehow became a Mobian. However, she has a hard time to believe that he is the same Will she met before his 'death' by the Xorda and where Malevolent returns to seek revenge against Will as he challenges him, endangering New Mobotropolis.

In the midst of chaos, a terrible plan sets in place in order to rid of Kimmy and Will due to the incident, set by no other than a familiar foe.

Exile to Angel Island Arc

Time: Same Year but a Day Later after the Return of Malevolent incident

Longitivity: Chapters 2 [??? Parts] - Chapter 3 or 4 [??? Parts] (Uncertain)

Description: Treason & Injustice strikes New Mobotropolis as Kimmy and Will are put forth to the Council of Acorn, being ruled out of the city as 'Overlanders' and sent into exile. However, the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix noticed something strange going on as they look over to hints that a certain Mobian did this and promises the two that somehow they are going to fix this.

In the meanwhile, Kimmy and Will are labelled as enemies and must survive on their own on this and soon after, they run into a young bee who calls herself Honey, who sees Will & Kimmy as a cute couple and doesn't know they are either fugitives or enemies. But when Will asks of a safe place they could go from hostile Mobians, Honey points out to the island in the sky called Angel Island, where she heard of the ruins in Marble Garden, a place she wants to explore next and luckily, she has a Super Warp Ring that can take the trio there.

However, though it looks peaceful, there lurks of many unknown dangers.


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