Author's Note: THIS CHARACTER IS CURRENTLY UNDERGOING AN OVERHAUL! As such, some information may change.

Liam the Chesnaught is a character set to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave: Broken Worlds. He is a male Chesnaught from Mystic Ruins who took part in the Battle for Mystic Ruins alongside the warriors and his fellow natives. After the battle, he helped form the Mystic Ruins Freedom Fighters to protect others in the forest


Liam is a large humanoid Pokemon with a tan body and a somewhat long tail that is green on top. He has a large tan shell with thick green stripes on the edges and an additional red stripe plus six thick spikes. Liam has a tan face with a brown forehead and red nose, black eyes with white sclera, a bushy white muzzle with thick "fur" on his throat and chest. Finally, Liam has arms that are green on top and white on the bottom with three long brown fingers and three long brown toes.


Liam could be considered a gentle giant. Despite his huge size, he is kind and friendly, and incredibly protective. He is also fiercely loyal to his friends, which he cites as his reasons for helping the Freedom Fighters.


Before the Series: It can be presumed Liam lived his entire life in Mystic Ruins, evolving from Chespin into Quilladin and later Chesnaught

The Legend of Fox the Brave:

A Grand Return: Liam briefly appears when Boomer shows Storm the local village, appropriately called Mystic Ruins Village. He later joins the Battle for Mystic Ruins, being one of the Pokemon with a Protect-type move, which he uses defensively alongside Pebble the Lycanroc and Cameron the Charmeleon/Charizard's Protect.


Liam's full moveset is unknown, but he was confirmed to know Spiky Shield


Liam's Ability is most likely Overgrow, the most common Ability for Grass Starters.


Like all Chesnaughts, Liam has a master of his incredibly hard, impenetrable shell, and has super strength and super durability, likely as a result of his massive size and bulk.


Being a Grass-Fighting Type, Liam is 4x weak to Flying, and is weak to Fire, Ice, Poison, Psychic, and Fairy


Liam is one of two characters to get a complete re-write as of the series overhaul. The first is Boomer the Pikachu

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