Liam the Cat is a troll and a silver Blaze the Cat recolor. He is also part of the group known as "Troll Womanizers", and he constantly flirts with Hali the Hedgehog.


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Physical Description

Liam has a silver fur with grey stripes and has yellow-red eyes. He also wears black, silver and grey boots.


Liam has very few abilities, most of them which involves "godmodding", though these never work all of the time. He also auto-teleports and uses powers that he couldn't even obtain.


Despite this, Liam, like Cloud and Macabre, is the weakest Troll, like Cloud and Macabre, and is also not too loyal towards Toxic. Though he does regenerate after being killed, his abilities are not always up to par when it comes to battling enemies. He even lies, such as saying that he was never womanizing Hali, in which he was attacked by Espio numerous times. He also claims to be 2000 years old, which isn't true, since he acts like a child all the time, especially when it comes to convincing Hali to be with him.

Friends and Foes






Like Toxic, who constantly flirts around with Ryu, Liam womanizes Hali and never realizes that she is already taken with Espio, though he never cares whether she is taken or not. He is also a complete liar, known for saying things that are untruthful, and also constantly whines and claims that he is older than anyone else (which is hardly even true). He also claims to be a leprechaun and that he is immortal, but this was proven false as he was killed and attacked numerous times, just like any Trolls would.



Biggest Fears

  • Being called weak
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