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Li Moon is a female anthropomorphic fox, a resident of Stormtop Village and granddaughter of Li Yuen.
Li moon

Li Moon


On the 100th day of the blazing fire on Mount Stormtop made by the Iron Queen, Sonic and Tails came to her house and asked for water, as they had been exposed to the heat of the fire. She said that she could not, as water was being rationed as the village's supply was low, and her grandfather then began to tell Sonic and Tails about how the Iron Queen had used her magic to keep the fire going and how the Iron King had locked away the Fan of Fen Xing, the only thing that could put out the fire and return their village's lifestyle to normal.

Li Moon was ecstatic when Sonic later returned after successfully putting out the fire, and Li Yuen said he wasn't surprised since he had assistance from the fabled Monkey King. Sonic was disappointed that Monkey Khan got his own prophecy when Sonic had done most of the work and said he needed a new publicist, earning a giggle from Li Moon.


When Sonic, Tails, Sally Acorn and Monkey Khan traveled to the Dragon Kingdom to disrupt the Iron Dominion's forces there, the group celebrated their success with the Gossamer Clan with a meal hosted by Li Moon and her grandfather. Li Moon served tea, saying it was good to see Sonic and Tails again, to which Tails blushed. A member of the Yagyu Clan hurled a kunai from outside the window, shattering the teapot in Li Moon's hands and causing both her and Tails to get soaked; Tails used his tails like a fan to help her dry off.


  • When Sally Acorn asked Monkey Khan if they could get Freedom Fighter help from the Dragon Kingdom, particularly Stormtop Village, Khan said there were no "others". Monkey Khan's meaning is unclear, but Li Moon later appears in SU: #13 along with Li Yuen helping Sonic, Tails, Sally and Monkey Khan to stop the Iron Queen's connections with the clans.
  • In Li Moon's first appearance, her species was not obvious, leading fans to conclude that she was variously a cat, tiger or red panda. In Sonic Universe #13, she was established as being a fox.


  • Li Yuen (canon grandfather)



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