Cquote1 I work for T.A.T.T. and I work for the women and men in black...but just because we're rivals..doesn't mean..I shouldn't...Kill you. Cquote2
Li-Ri talking to Dash before the final boss of ~Dash The Hedgehog~


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Li, Li-li, Rei, Ri, Women in black, Gray Lynx girl
About 27
Grey and fading
Peach? (Ears)
Collar (With rainbow, glowing dots), Black-ish sweater with bands at the wrists, Bage colored pants, White sneakers, Whit gloves
Bowser, The men & Women in black, T.A.T.T., Her tail, Defeating Dash
Dash, Heroes, Wario, losing, being tested by T.A.T.T.
Skilled climbing, Superspeed, "Flexable", Super Transformation, Skilled fighter (Ninja-like skills)
Horses name
Gender of horse

Li-Ri the Gray Lynx

(Pronounced Lie-Rei)

A female that works for T.A.T.T. and the men and women in black. She hates Dash, just a little. She also has great techniques of her own


She is a gray lynx that has green eyes. She has golden-ish colored hair and tuffs of fur on her ear tips. She wears a Collar That has rainbow, glowing dots (Which is unknown why she wears it) She also wears a Black-ish colored sweater with bands at the arms, Also with Bage colored pants and bands at the lower leg. With plain white sneakers, With plain white gloves.


It all started

4 years after she (Li-Ri, Which her name used to be Lindsy) was born she had her birthday and invited all her classmates, including Dash. So before she had opened her gift she kissed Dash (Her crush) on the cheek because she knew; anything could be in these gifts. She opened all the gifts except one because it didn't look right, The next couple of hours everyone else but her, fell asleep. She slowly opened the random gift given to her which made her turn against Dash. Which made her upset deep inside, although she couldn't tell, show, or feel it because she was Completely over-powered and didn't remember anything except that people had loved her.

The people that had given her the present renamed her Li-Ri. It sound much more better to them. So they first tested her like they did to Dash, but her test results came in perfect. So they put her as an agent. but then she discoverd the men and women in black and applied to go there because they appreciated her more. She named her Cabari Spots, Edmy.

The Ice Castle

At reaching the age of 15 she decieded to go to the Ice Castle to pay Keke a visit. After acceidentally wondering around the castle she found a room that had whole bunch of copies of the ice necklace but one was real. She found the right one somehow, When she picked it up, something happend. It melted and marked a snowflake tattoo on her chest. She began to shiver a-bit. Then she sneezed and he back-pack froze.


At first she was a sweet little girl, that she'd do anything for her loved ones. She would sleep on her mothers lap like a little kitten, curled up almost like a ball. She was fun-loving and very caring. She also loved to color, She acts a-little like Cream. She changed after her 4th birthday.

Now, Li-Ri, is almost heartless, Cold-hearted, careless and is Somewhat Psychopathic. She usally doen't care for anyone. The only person she cares for is Edmy but, you may find her being a-bit soft on Dash. Also she is physically and Mentally tough.

She also has a very soft, caring and giving side which she shows alot to Edmy.

Powers and Abilities

She is Very flexable and can do front and back flips very quickly almost like a spy. She can get through 19 lazers in the maximum of 7 second or so.

She is a Very skilled climber. She can climb the tallest mountain without falling but, she's not the fastest climber. She is also very fast. She has the speed of a cheetah and the strength of a lion. She's the second fastest thing that lives on mobious.

She has deadly ice powers gotten from the Ice Castle. Which makes her almost un-defeatable.


Ice Li-Ri

This form was made by the necklace, When she has





She used to have a crush on Dash, but now she only has a little soft spot for him, and only him. She doesn't fight him with her deadly ice powers. Only with punches and kicks; The basics, becuase she doesn't want to hurt him servearly.


Although Edmy is just a horse, Li-Ri has feelings for him. She usally strokes Edmy's mane and back. She almost Always bring Edmy with her where-ever she goes.

Her Mother, Lyst

She had lots of feeling for her mother and still does, somewhat. She doesn't directly attack her mother. Only the area she's in. She does somewhat miss when she lies on her mothers lap and curls up, and have her stroke her back


After breifly meeting bowser at The Great Maze, she came to a liking. He wasn't soft or to rough. He also decieded to work with Li-Ri although they hardly even knew each other.

Love interests

None really, but she finds Shadow a-bit interesting

Memborable Quotes

"I work for T.A.T.T. and I work for the women and men in black...but just because we're rivals..doesn't mean..I shouldn't...Kill you" -Li-Ri talking to Dash before the final boss of ~Dash The Hedgehog~

"Edmy, Here. It's for you." - When she gives Edmy a necklace she made for him.

"Dash, Your really starting to bug me!" -When Dash and Li-Ri meet up in The Great Maze

Li-Ri's Theme Song

Kelly Clarkson--Since You Been Gone

Kelly Clarkson--Since You Been Gone

Li-Ri's Theme Song

Bad Apple!! Hatsune Miku Append Dark

Bad Apple!! Hatsune Miku Append Dark

Li-Ri's second theme song

Egg Dragoon - Sonic Unleashed

Egg Dragoon - Sonic Unleashed

Li-Ri's Battle theme

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