Leyariaja (Or Leyariaja, Goddess of Light and Creation) is the Creator of Syrisi, she is also a oracle and tells her guardians what the next prophecy or oracle telling is.


Leyariaja (Lay-air-ria-jar) is a ancient creator of everything good and is a old friend of Auroua (From Sonic the Hedgehog comics). She lived with her chaos, Mexilla and Haydenro. She then married a mortal (then turned into a immortal) called Ticosan the Vampire Fox. They had 4 children- A dragon-vampire daughter called Fantascai (Fan-ta-ski-ci), humaniod-dragon called Embereais (Ember-ee-a-isis), a fox-bat called Iracufafs (Ira-cue-fa-fas) and another daughter- A dog-fox called Wisprinala (Wis-spring-a-layla) who becomes the goddess of the Chaos Mirriors and Patron to the Warriors of the chaos mirriors.

She also has a twin- Lexarisi (Lex-a-rise-ee) the Dark. He is blood thristy and power hungry with extraordinary powers of magic. She banished him to the edge of space called the Realm of the Shadow demons.


Leyariaja is able to shape shift into any type of specie or even into a mythical creature.

She is also able to use chaos and negative enegry to fire repeated shots and enegry, she also uses this as wormholes and even transportation holes. She can use jewels (like the master emerald) to give commands and send messages.


Leyariaja is mostly seen wearing a floaty silver or blue dress with long sleves and hems. She has navy blue hair with white spots like stars. She also has two dreadlocks of light blue hair and a gold crown.

She is also sometimes seen with horns of silver with rings of gold.

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