Lerry the Black Bear(said the same way as Larry), commonly referred to as Lerry the Bear, is an anthropomorphic American Black Bear who is a Storm Fighter, a native of the mysterious and haunted Hang Castle(making it somewhat canon in the series) and a relatively minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave who, as of yet, has made only one physical appearance, but still plays a pivotal role in the Light Mobius stories Shadowed Future and its sequel, Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later as a warrior who died trying to save a captured Storm Fighter from King Shadow. He is also one of only two confirmed Pokemon Trainers in the series, the other being Shamar the Fennec; Roy the Fox and Mortimer Gray were originally going to be Trainers as well, but this was scrapped.


Lerry is a tall American black bear. He has thick black fur and a tan muzzle with a black nose. He has a rather large stomach(for unknown reasons, though this may be because bears in the wild typically have large hindquarters). All he wears currently is a red vest and a red and white cap identical in design to that of Red from the Pokemon franchise. He also has a habit of keeping a twig in his mouth for unknown reasons, possibly because he has a Pangoro.


Lerry is very laid-back, but can be incredibly aggressive if his friends are threatened. Little else is known about him since he has only made one physical appearance

He has a habit of naming his Pokemon based off of their final evolution(the only exception to this is his Tyranitar)


Before the series: Lerry was born into the mysterious and haunted Hang Castle, but was orphaned at a very young age. He was then taken in by a newcomer, Stubbs the Saber-who came from the Northern Tundra after an avalanche separated him from his Pack. Lerry soon befriended a lone Larvitar he named Terry(because he wanted to name him based off of his final evolution, but Terry didn't like Tyran or Itar, instead liking Lerry's name). Soon, Terry became fully evolved, and Lerry would later gain the other members of his Team: Goro, Riza, Boaris, Talon, and Jago. An unknown time later, Metal Sonic attacked Hang Castle, in an attempt to force the inhabitants into submission, but was stopped by Lerry's Riza, as a Charmeleon. Metal Sonic would later kill Stubbs, but was soon defeated and destroyed by Riza when he evolved into Charizard and could keep up with it in flight. Discouraged by his old foster father's death, Lerry set out to find the Storm Fighters, deciding to join them. Later, in The Lost Fox, Lerry is chosen to join the patrol going to Angel Island to stop Finitevus, later seen encouraging Terry to fight when the battle breaks out.

Light Mobius: Lerry's past in this universe is most likely the same as his Main Series counterpart. The point of divergence is when King Shadow took over(his past in the Unaltered Timeline is unknown). When Sadie was captured by Shadow's guards, Lerry was chosen alongside his good friend Shamar the Fennec Fox, Lucas the Lycanroc and Rokky the Krokorok to accompany Braveheart to save her. However, the rescue went horribly awry and Lerry was shot dead, leaving Braveheart to be the only one to make it away alive. In Shadowed Future, Lerry is one of the Spirits seen in Braveheart's dream when Fox gives the current Storm Fighter leader a prophecy foretelling Shadow's downfall.

Dark Mobius: Lerry makes a minor appearance in the first section of the chapter Maddened Guardian in Secrets of the Dark World: Conquest. Here, he has only one speaking role, in which he thoughtfully remarks that Knuckles had been acting strange lately(saying that Knuckles had been acting "a little whacko lately")


While Lerry doesn't have any powers himself, he commonly fights with a Team of Pokemon

Lerry's Team:


  • Pokemon: Tyranitar
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Sand Stream/Mega Evolved Ability: Sand Stream
  • Moveset: Dragon Dance/Protect/Stone Edge/Crunch
  • Item: Tyranitarite
  • Description: Lerry's first partner and his most beloved. A very strong powerhouse, especially when Mega Evolved, he can become a serious force to be reckoned with when he's used Dragon Dance a couple times


  • Pokemon: Pangoro
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Mold Breaker
  • Moveset: Hyper Beam/Hammer Arm/Crunch/Arm Thrust
  • Item: None
  • Description: Originally a troublemaking Pancham, he was easily defeated when Terry(as Tyranitar)knocked him aside, allowing Lerry to catch him


  • Pokemon: Charizard
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Blaze/Mega Evolved Ability: Drought
  • Moveset: Flamethrower/Dragon Claw/Seismic Toss/Wing Attack
  • Item: Charizardite Y
  • Description: Given to Lerry as a sick Charmander by a wild Pangoro who begged him to help it. Lerry helped nurse the Charmander back to health and named him Riza, after part of the name Charizard. Riza soon evolved into Charmeleon, and later evolved again into Charizard when Metal Sonic attacked Hang Castle and killed Stubbs.


  • Pokemon: Emboar(Shiny)
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Blaze
  • Moveset: Hammer Arm/Flamethrower/Flare Blitz/Take Down
  • Description: Nabbed by Lerry at an unknown point in time. His only Shiny


  • Pokemon: Talonflame
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Flame Body
  • Moveset: Flare Blitz/Brave Bird/Roost/Flame Charge
  • Description: Nabbed by Lerry at an unknown point in time. Commonly used for lookout or search and rescue


  • Pokemon: Greninja
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Moveset: Water Shuriken/Hydro Cannon/Night Slash/Aerial Ace
  • Description: Nabbed by Lerry at an unknown point in time. Commonly used when speed is required. Named after the World Ninjago.


Lerry has amazing physical strength due to his large size and a bear's natural strength.


Lerry rarely engages in combat himself, so his weaknesses are unknown, but his Pokemon can be taken down by whoever has a Type Advantage over them.


"Knuckles has been acting a little whacko lately, don'tcha' think?"
—Lerry reflecting on Knuckles' odd behavior, Secrets of the Dark World: Conquest


Terry(left) and his Mega Evolution(right)


The name of Lerry's Pangoro, Goro, is derived from the word Pangoro and is in no way meant to reference the character from the fighting game Mortal Kombat.

Out of all of Lerry's Pokemon, Jago and Boaris are the only Pokemon on his Team that do not have a 4x Weakness.

  • Terry, being Rock-Dark, is weak to Fighting
  • Goro, being Fighting-Dark, is weak to Fairy
    • Additionally, Goro is weak to his own Primary Type, being Fighting
  • Riza and Talon, being Fire-Flying, are both weak to Rock(ironic given their Teammate Terry)

Lerry was going to receive his own story, Mysteries of Hang Castle, but this was scrapped.

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