Lep is a member of the Mekators, and has a twin sister named Lek.


Lep is very energetic, and has a very silent attitude, in the sense that he doesn't like talking. Lep can't wait to go on a mission to unleash the bundled up energy he has. If Lek had the choice of fighting one opponent or many, he would pick many to satisfy the adrenaline he feels from fighting. When alone with Lek in thier quarters, Lep often lays on his bed, staring at the ceiling to calm down and save more energy for the next day, while pondering the thoughts of the Mekator's existance. Lep rivals Diamerl, mainly because, dedication wise, they are the same. And when Lep sees Diamerl, he can't stop getting the urge to challenge him to a fight. Lep stands up for what is right, even if it could get him destroyed. It is because of this that he is often put on probation by Spetonik. Is a good guy, and a member of Gamma Squad.


Lep is a hedgehog shaped android. The spines made onto his head are thin, and he has many, they droop down as if they were wet hair. His body is made out of many metal plates, and he doesn't wear any clothes. He has a downwards gap running down from the top of his chest to the bottom of his stomach. His forearms resemble the head of an automatic belt fed machine gun, and has normal hedgehog shoes made out of metal. His whole body is a dull metallic grey.


Lep is all about rushing into combat to finish the job as quick as possible. Lep can change from close-range combat to long-range combat when he feels like it, but prefers to stay at close-range combat. Lep has powers over darkness which he draws from his inner energy core, and also has powers over shadows which he takes from natural shadows. He seems to carry an "unlimited" supply of bullets within his arms, of which he transforms his hands into the barrel of a gun to shoot the and incredible speeds. Prefers to fight in a team with Lek.


  • Darkness and Fire elemental opponents
  • Close-range opponents
  • Slow opponents


  • Light elemental opponents
  • Defensive based opponents



  • Lek the Light-bot (twin sister)


  • Sybe the Robo-tech
  • Tund the Thunder-bot


  • Diamerl


  • None so far
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