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Leonti is an albino lion, he has pure white fur with a peach colored muzzle. his eye's are crysta l blue and his hair his gelled upwards in the back, in the front it comes down the center of his forehead and the tips of his bangs are faded to black. he always wears a purple sweater of some sort, weather it's ton or still whole. his sweaters alway's hang loosely around his shouder's and fit to his figure. He wears checkered and striped black and white pants. also is seen wearing black and white checkered shoes and a long sleeved fishnet, the left sleeve of the fishnet finishing as a glove while the right cut's off at the sleeve. 


Leonti is pretty laid back most of the time and alway's is making sarcastic remarks, even in the 

Leonti by cassidythehedgehog1-d8oymw1
worst of time's. when angered he become's more serious and alway's heads straight into death to finish the job. If he fails a mission then he becomes quiet and snappy. his flamboyent personality and his sarcastic remarks keeps people from friending him, so he usually keeps to only two friends. 


Leonti was born into a rich family, although it was all tooken from him during a house fire when  he was 5. his parent's had died in the fire, his mother surviving for a few weeks but died from infecting and organ failure. Leonti's uncle, Jacob Aksenoil took him and his sister in. spending the next 5 years in the house, over those years Jacob had raped and abused Leonti, his sister was rarely home and eventually ran away with a boy from the neighborhood.

At the age of 10 Leonti had ran away, finding his lifelong friend Devion and saving him from his drunken father, even though it was by accident that he got Devion's father killed by a truck. Leonti was soon captured by his uncle again and worked for his uncle for 5 more years, doing simple dealing's with drug kings and bussiness'.

By the age of 15, Jacob had offered Leonti to kill a group of business men that weren't able to pay Jacob, but Leonti refused. Jacob then sentenced Leonti to death, having his thugs drag Leonti out of Aksenoil Corporation and beating him till near death, then throwing him in a ditch by a frieght art yard. Devion had found Leonti and 

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helped him back to health, Leonti learned of Devion's special abilities with tech and they both decided to take down the Aksenoil Corporation. 

Leonti had met his other Friend Hasey at the age of 18, she was being captured by Jacob's thugs but thanks to Leonti, she was saved and had been friends ever since. During this time, Devion had tought him how to be a detective and gave him a fake degree and records, making Leonti work for a detective agency for a cover for his murder's of the buyer's and worker's for the Aksenoil Corporation. 


The only power's Leonti posses' is having 9 lives.. 


Leonti has great agility and flexibility, great for making his way quickly through environments, catching enemy's, and making quick escapes.


Fire, failing a mission, and a spot on the back of the neck, if you grab it he tenses up and cannot move easily nor quickly, just like an cat.

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