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Leonard teasing Mason in Dusty Desert, Reign of Terror

Leonard the Leopard(named somewhat ironically) is a character set to appear in the upcoming story Reign of Terror. He is an African leopard from Lamarkie Village who helped in the Lamarkie Standoff and later became a part of Austin Smith's Rogue Tribe to help free The Tribes from Scourge the Hedgehog.


Leonard is a Mobian African leopard a few inches shorter than Mason the Cougar. He has overall the same body shape as Mason, but has yellow fur with brownish-black rosettes, ears, and a brownish-black tail-tip, and amber eyes. He wears a green hoodie with blue jeans.


Leonard is a calm, friendly fellow. He has a slightly childish sense of humor, seen when he teases Mason about his shivering in Dusty Desert, but is otherwise a good fellow.


Leonard's past up until Reign of Terror is unknown, but he made a brief cameo in Rise of a Team, when he helped in the battle to end the Lamarkie Standoff. In Reign of Terror, Leonard joins the warriors Scourge drives from the Storming Base to make up Rogue Tribe and save the Tribes from the Hedgehog.



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