Leon the Demon Fox

Biographical Information
  • Chronologically: 18
  • Future: 20
  • 2nd Gen: 25
  • Ryan (Split)
  • Lucius (Father)
  • Sandra (Mother, deceased and never met)
  • Vincent (Older brother)
  • Jessica (Sister)
  • Itsuki (Younger brother)
  • Serenity/Robin (Future daughter)
  • Lloyd (Future nephew)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Demon Fox-Spirit Being Hybrid
Gender Male
  • Black colouring with amethyst eyes.
  • Short hair
  • Scar on the right side of his forehead (Covered by hair)
  • Coming soon.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Anti-Hero.
  • Raitou (Shortsword)
  • Fire based attacks
  • Darkness
Super Forms
  • Dark Spirit Leon (Spirit Being Super form)
  • Yoko Form.
Other Information
  • Ocarina.
  • Ryan- Outer form
English/American V.A. Johnny Yong Bosch
Japanese V.A. Nakamura Yuichi

Theme Song(s)


User: TheJayMaster

Leon is the real form of Ryan Kurai and the main fancharacter of TheJayMaster


He has black fur with amethyst purple eyes.


When training with his father, he was cruel, cold-hearted and enjoys to kill. From now, he is no longer evil but can still get angered very easily.

Powers, Weapons & Fears.


[Leon being part Spirit Being gives him the element of darkness. And being a Demon Fox given him fire.]


  • Split Personalities- Leon having the Soul Bracelets on his wrists, with an emerald gem holding Ryan, Leon's fake form.


  • None


  • Raitou - Leon's version of Raitou is a shortsword emitted in darkness.

Friends, Rivals & Enemies


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Jessica (Sister)

Vincent Kurai (Older brother)

Ken Unmei. (Best friend)

Frost Kōri.

Jack Kenshiki.

David Kenshiki.

Memphis the Shining Demonhog (Is seen as a strong friend)

Oslek the Ghost (Hangs out with both him and Ryan all the time)

Midnight Eclipse.

Sunlight Eclipse.

Destiney the Hedgehog

Darangel the Litemon (Girlfriend)


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Lucius Kurai. (Father)

Rience the Demon (Dark half)


Early Life

Leon used to live in a cold, depressing life. He was forced to be cold-hearted, his hair was black and eyes were purple. At the age of 10, Leon was beginning to think that all his father, Lucius was too far from evil, after his father found out about this he does a powerful beam as a warning. However his sister, Jessica took the shot, killing her. Making Leon upset and run away. Later , he had a fight with a unknown red hedgehog. Losing the battle, the hedgehog purified locked Leon in the Amethyst Soul bracelet and turned him into Sora.


  • There's only two universes (Meaning series that isn't Sonic) Leon has been used in, one where he and Ryan are still the same as Inner and Outer, and one where the two are actually twin brothers in.


Coming soon.


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