Leon S. Kangaroo
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This character was inspired by an idea that Chembur gave me.

Leon S. Kangaroo is a special agent that serves G.U.N.

He is obviously based upon the character Leon S. Kennedy from the Resident Evil series.

Physical Description

A lean-muscled kangaroo who stands close to four feet tall, Leon has a somewhat short muzzle with a triangular nose, medium-sized, oblong ears that stand upright, and a relatively long, muscular tail that tapers at the end.

His fur is primarily liver chestnut in color, with a manila muzzle, chest, and stomach. His hair, which is straight and cut to just above his jawline, is medium tuscan red in color, and his eyes are middle blue in color.

He typically wears a dark brown jacket with a black shirt underneath it, black fingerless gloves, dark gray jeans, and black boots; he also has a shoulder belt with a knife holder attached to it.


Joining G.U.N


Base Stats
Other Stats

As a highly trained special agent and soldier, Leon is a powerful opponent both up close and from far away, despite lacking any supernatural abilities. Due to his training, he's highly proficient in the realm of melee combat, with a fighting style that is closely inspired by the Russian martial art known as systema. His physical strength and durability seem superhuman, being able to give and receive surprising amounts of punishment for a non-powered Mobian. As a kangaroo, his legs in particular are incredibly powerful, allowing him to leap twelve feet straight up into the air and around twenty feet forward without a running start, as well as deliver kicks strong enough to break through steel. His muscular tail can also serve as a handy 'weapon' in a pinch, being strong enough to sweep lightweight foes off their feet. He's quite flexible and acrobatic, able to perform various evasive maneuvers such as flips and rolls in order to avoid danger.

For an even greater threat to his opponents in a close-quarters duel, Leon wields a combat knife with deadly proficiency, and can even switch which hand he wields his knife with in the midst of a fight with ease. He's deadly accurate with it comes to throwing knives, able to hit targets dead-on from as much as fifty feet away. Leon is also a highly skilled marksman, able to wield a variety of firearms with ease, although he does have a preference for handguns. He always carries a decent assortment of firearms with him, which he keeps in a hammer-space attache case.

His senses are also quite keen, likely due to his peak physical condition and his training, so he's got great eyesight and hearing. His survival instincts are strong, and he has an almost uncanny ability to sense when others are nearby, provided they aren't using supernatural or technological means of cloaking themselves; even then, he's still shrewd enough to be on his guard, making him difficult to ambush. He's even a competent driver, and has displayed interest in the idea of piloting a G.U.N mech, although he has no training in such a thing.

Genetic Ability: Limber

This Genetic Ability manifests in the form of an unusual muscle structure that does not lock up when hit by an Electric-aligned attack; while Leon will still take damage from the attack, this makes him practically immune to the common secondary effect of paralysis. However, it does not protect him from any paralysis induced by severed nerves or a severed spinal cord.


Leon has no specific resistances to any Elements or energy-types. He is quite fast and agile, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks.


Leon has no specific weaknesses to any Elements or energy-types. While his durability is surprisingly high, his resilience (resistance to energy-based attacks) is somewhat lacking; opponents who rely heavily on energy-based attacks will have an easier time dealing with Leon.

Friends and Foes





Leon is generally a cool, calm and collected kind of guy. He's highly compassionate, and cares greatly for others, more than willing to put himself in danger in order to help someone, even if he's never met them before. His empathetic nature can lead to him easily being hit by frustration and grief if he's unable to help a person in need.

He generally maintains a humorous and witty air to him, even in the face of danger; he's not above cracking jokes to lighten the mood or to annoy his opponents, and generally maintains a calm demeanor throughout trouble, as well. He's quite slow to anger, and has a strong sense of honor as well, refusing to attack a helpless person even if they're an enemy.

However, Leon doesn't seem to have the strongest sense of self-preservation in the midst of a crisis; while he does have a strong will to survive, he focuses much more heavily on the well-being of his friends and any innocents around him rather than his own safety. This behavior stems from his deep sense of compassion for others.

Positive Traits

Neutral Traits

Negative Traits


"The name's Leon." - Commonly used introduction.

"Better try a new trick, 'cause that one's getting old."


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