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Leo the Hedgehog is a young up-and-coming star within the rebel group known as the Army of Equality. One of the forces standing against tyranny and for equal rights for all Mobians; Leo is often responsible for the "spotfires" spread by the faction.

Leo the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Golden yellow
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Black & gold motorcycle helmet
  • Black ceramic armored vest with dark orange highlights
  • Black leather reinforced gloves
  • Black ceramic armored pants with dark orange highlights
  • Black leather reinforced boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsArmy of Equality (Resistance officer, motorized scout)
Weaponry & EquipmentFear Hammer
VehicleSparks Motors GT400 Raptor Motorcycle
  • Skilled geokinetic
  • Accomplished fighter with hammers
  • Skilled in hand-to-hand
  • Moderate pyrokinesis
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


Built on the shorter side, with wiry limbs and a healthy build, Leo surprisingly manages to strike an intimidating figure, just as related to his physicality as his attire. A number of healed scars on his face add an air of menace to the golden-furred hedgehog, even as his dark gray eyes carry an unspoken threat that often disconnects from his facial expressions.


Due to his presence and role within the mildly anarchic egalitarian movement; Leo wears the kind of body armor many soldiers would be envious of. Tailored to his body; all pieces of this armor aside for his helmet are reinforced with a black ceramic material with the same protective strength as steel for roughly half the weight. This results in his clothing appearing to add bulk to the hedgehog. His armor is primarily black, with the fabric underlay and ceramic plating vaguely blending together in color, making it hard to tell which parts are armored and which are not. Aside for the obviously leather and ceramic gloves and boots, the fabric is likely a Kevlar weave for a flexible armor on his torso and legs. These pieces are also accented in dark orange, a simple touch of what he likes to proclaim to be glamor.

While on his motorcycle; and on occasions into the field, Leo will wear his custom-painted helmet; a black and gold closed-face design with a faintly mirrored visor.



Leo is often noted to be one of the vanguards for the Army of Equality, often involved in provoking riots and readying attacks before moving on to the next hot-spot. However, due to his own fairly respectable skillset; simply tackling this hedgehog has proven to be easier said than done for many military forces.

Leo often travels with a large, unwieldy case that many mistake to be a long rifle or other firearm. However, Leo is fairly competent wielding blunt weapons; with his weapon of choice a Psychus Armory Fear Hammer. While already a fairly intimidating figure with helmet on and his black and orange armor; Leo is still flexible enough to wield his heavy two-handed weapon to great effect. The area of effect psychic assault unleashed by the hammer is also an appreciated effect; with weaker-willed assailants often running in terror after a single near miss. While not as refined as his combat skill with hammers, Leo relies less on his armor for protection while in hand-to-hand combat.

Wielding a sledgehammer-like weapon is also effective as an augment for Leo's primary elemental affinity, with the young man a fairly skilled geokinetic. Combining in tremors and the ability to summon and launch rocks, Leo is capable at not only fortifying positions for his allies, but also siege warfare and wall-breaking as well on the rare occasions he is cornered or involved in riots and raids.

Almost like an afterthought, Leo has some very minor control over Fire, though this skill is one he only rarely employs outside of riot situations. As such, he can struggle with combat against opponents who have a mastery of Water, as they can protect themselves against his two elements. However, his Fear Hammer and physical strength are likely enough to make people reconsider.


Fitting his role as a vanguard of the Army, Leo utilizes a black Sparks Motors GT400 Raptor Motorcycle as his vehicle of choice to get from point to point. As a civilian vehicle; it raises few questions for the young man while out of armor, while the speed and power of the motorcycle is greatly appreciated. While riding, however, he is only capable of limited defense with his two elemental powers.








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