Lena the Cat

Credits to Gen8

Lena...she's Shade's translator and best friend...She kind,generous and loveable...Shade finds her to be a little bossy also...but fun too...


Lena is an anthropomorphic blue cat.She wears a blue hat(have no clue what thats called),a light blue belly shirt with a pink heart,a blue,knee length dress,with a light blue stripe down it and some blue boots with a gray stripe down them.

Likes,dislikes and Etc...

Likes:Translating,Cooking,Singing for Shade,chasing mice,Shade the Shadow Hedgehog,and Shadow's Shoes

Dislikes:Shade touching her breasts,Velocity's personality,Black's personal questions,Spike's nerco personality and Wolves.



Lena is a kind-hearted feline with a sweet soulful outlook,but when she is around Wolves or canines in general she can get nasty and pretty mean.


Shade the Shadow hedgehog

Black the Hedgehog

Velocity the Hedgehog

Add if you are her friend...


Spike the Reaper Hedgehog

add if you are her enemy


Language Translation

She can translate any Earthbound language..


Soulful Meledy

She sings a sweet tune that heals the body and soul.Useful for removing most spells.

Cat Kick A

This kick is a physical air kick which combos,that causes minimum damage.

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