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Skin/Fur: White

Hair: Pale/pastel purple

Eyes: Water blue
Purple tanktop with dark gray lining and a single T-shirt sleeve on right shoulder.

Black collar with red and silver striped tie

Black and purple striped armband

Silver and purple striped with black wrist fingerless glove on right wrist

Multiple red and black hairclips

loose/baggy dark gray with darker gray pockets and lining short shorts

Tail piercing, Tongue piercing

Purple socks

Boots matching top

An ambiguous hedgehog, known by neither gender/sex, Len is a very mysterious character. Not in personality but again in Gender roles. While its name and appearence may scream out male, but Len likes many cute, pink things as well.

So basically its Gender is up for debate, and a lot of people try to solve the mysterious riddle that is Len...


Len (often called Lenny by those who assume Len is a boy) is a teenage hedgehog who is currently single, but dates both genders. Most likely due to Len's ambiguous nature of course...

Len lives in a wide, spacious apartment complex with its two friends Iphis and Lidel. Both of whom share a similiar situation with itself.

Len's basic height and weight seems about average. Having no defining gender specific features, though it does posesse a bit of a feminine frame. Len is on the Good/Hero side as of late, but is not one who fights.


  • Collects tongue rings
  • Video games
  • Listening to music


  • Len is very shy with Flirty people
  • Gender oriented things or moments (Such as needed to go to the bathroom)
  • Len is easy to become stressed when dealing with pressure-based moments/experiences.


Len is a white furred hedgehog with light peachy tan skin and water blue eyes. It's hair is light purple with multipled spiked bangs framing its face and over its right eye, and shoulder length hair with multiple spiked flips. Len's attire is described as "subtle punk". It's outfit consist of a Purple tanktop with a gray border and short sleeve on the right arm. Len also wears a black collar like neck piece with a silver and red striped tie. On the left arm it wears a black and purple striped armband and no glove, while on it's right arm is a black bracelet and silver and purple fingerless gloves. Len also wears dark gray shorts with darker gray lining and pockets. Purple socks, black and dark gray shoes.

A tail and tongue ring, and for a finisher it has red and black clips in its hair.


Len is considered to be mysterous, everyone finds its gender to be confusing or annoying. Len doesn't mind though and finds it fun that people seem to so desperate to find out. To throw people off Len will wear things like skirts or male articles of clothing while wearing girly shirts. People try to trick Len by flirting or making fun of it. But Len doesn't fall for such tricks and instead just ignores it.


  • Video games
  • shopping
  • Pink~!
  • Music
  • Cloudy weather
  • Dates~
  • Favorite Foods: Spicy things, strawberries, soda/pop


  • Annoying people
  • Gender specifics
  • people who assume Len is a certain sex
  • boring things
  • Hate Foods: normal Tea, health foods, junk food, saucy things, mexican based meals, fish.



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