Lemon is a Troll and a member of T.I.T.A.N.'s Citrus Squad.


Lemon used to live in a peaceful village of Trolls with his family. Here, he didn't have a care in the world, nor did anyone else. Then one day, Dr. Eggman went completely out of character and killed everyone in the village for no real reason. Only Lemon survived. Upon seeing the carnage, he fell to his knees and screamed to the skies for revenge.

With no village to live in, he became a wanderer, searching for Eggman but never paying attention to the constant news broadcasts about him. During his travels, he came across a hedgehog named Citrus and a fox named Grapefruit, who's villages had also fallen victim to Eggman's out-of-characterness. He immediately joined their group. Now with three members, they decided to become Team Citrus, who vowed to get revenge on Eggman by doing the exact same thing as before - BUT WITH TEAMWORK!!!!

One night, when the moon was full, the three were sleeping in the apartment they shared in Troll City when they awoke and found a shadowy figure in the living room. He said he was called "Grandmaster Gold" and that he could give them the power to get their revenge on Eggman if they joined his organization, T.I.T.A.N. They accepted, and they changed from Team Citrus to Citrus Squad, now controlled by Grandmaster Gold.


Lemon is a yellow Knuckles with pink eyes and pink and yellow shoes.


While he is strong, Lemon is as dumb as bricks. There's a rumor within T.I.T.A.N. that he wears mittens because he can't count his fingers. He will believe nearly anything he's told, though anything Citrus says takes majority over everything else. He's also easily confused, which makes him angry.


Like most trolls, Lemon knows every Chaos move, but his key power is his strength. He claims to be even stronger than Knuckles; in reality, he's only just as strong. He can also piss lemonade, but that's not very useful, now is it?


Hulking Lemon

Lemon turns into this when he's really mad. His fur turns a yellowish-green when he transforms. He becomes much stronger than he was before, but at the cost of what little intelligence he had left.

Super Lemon

Unlike Citrus, Lemon's super form is the basic kind. He becomes golden, and his eyes turn red. He can use every Chaos move and is invincible.


  • As mentioned above, Lemon can piss lemonade.
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