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Lemon is an elite soldier who served under Mephiles the Dark in the Mephiles Force. He was voiced by Peter Jacobson in the American English dub, who also voiced Acer in Cars 2 and Kyosei Tsukui in the Japanese dub.


True to his name, however, Lemon is a yellow-skinned catfish-like alien. With the exception of both of his leather boots and leather gloves being bluish-green in colors, he also wears the common Black Arms battle armor.


Lemon is rather cocky character who easily underestimates many of his enemies but has a cowardly side when confronted by an opponent too strong for him. He treats Shadow the Hedgehog with a great deal of rudeness and contempt and he seems to regard other Black Arms with contempt. Like many members of the Mephiles Force, he has no regard for the lives of other races and will kill them for fun.

Chaos Emerald Z

Mephiles Saga

After Shadow recuperates on Planet Mephiles #78 from his fierce battle against Sonic the Hedgehog (Roger Craig Smith), Miles "Tails" Prower (Colleen Villard), Mighty the Armadillo (Sonny Strait), and Big the Cat (Kyle Hebert), Lemon approaches Shadow to give him some surprising news: Mephiles is already on Angel Island and he is searching for the Chaos Emeralds alongside his top henchmen, Drago Wolf and Sergeant Simian. Shadow is enraged about this because he hoped to collect the chaos emeralds for his own desire in order to obtain immortality. Lemon insults Shadow, but this does not destroy Shadow's confidence. In fact, Shadow jumps into a space pod and speeds straight to Angel Island in order to gain control of the situation himself, while Lemon is left yelling and screaming in anger after Shadow, ordering him to stop. However, during this brief intermission, Lemon gets the order from Mephiles that he can freely destroy Shadow for his deception and treachery. Lemon, who was waited for Mephiles' approval for quite some time to eliminate his arch-rival, decides to take action by boarding a space pod and following Shadow. Once they both arrive on Angel Island, Lemon traces Shadow with his scouter and comes face to face with him.

Lemon claims to have gotten stronger and threatens that he will easily defeat Shadow. However, Shadow lets him in on a secret: his power level has increased substantially because of his previous defeat, and he also learned how to control its output and hide it. Lemon expected Shadow's power level to be approximately the same as his (17,000), but this was a complete underestimation of his archrival. Shadow surprises Lemon with his extremely high power rating of 26,000 and overwhelms him with an astounding demonstration of his aura, destroying Lemon's scouter in the process, also frightening Lemon. However, Lemon decides to try and deceive Shadow, saying that Mephiles was right behind him and taking the opportunity to launch an array of powerful blasts. After the dust clears, Lemon laughs evilly thinks himself the victor, but is surprised shortly thereafter when Shadow appears behind him uninjured and tells him that his speed increased as well, since he was able to dodge the blasts in a split second. At this point, Lemon decides to escape the battle from Shadow's wrath, tripping as he frantically and fearfully dashes upward. Shadow, being the sadistic fighter that he is, flies right after him. He punches Lemon's stomach open swiftly, cracking his battle armor and propelling him into the sky. He then smiles wickedly and mercilessly blasts Lemon to smithereens in midair.